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its like the walls are caving in

4 months into the pregnancy

"we never thought about names" vinnie said.
"your right"
"got any on your mind?"
"nope. do you?"
"none. do you like any names?"
"i dont know. do you?"
"i like what ever you like"
"so if i said i liked boys, you would say you like them too?"
"not what i meant"
"it was funny and you know it"
"ha. ha. ha."
"geez mr. grumpy"
"nice to meet you mrs. grumpy"
"mhm. you need a nap, your like a little grumpy baby"
"maybe i do need a nap"
"so then take a nap"
"when i wake up, are you gonna go all pregnancy mood swings on me?"
"no promises"
"what? hormonal changes vinnie. get with the program"
"i am with the program"
"what program exactly?"
"whatever program you have"
"coochie program"
"i am no longer apart of it"

she instantly burst out laughing while he stared at her in awe.

"i should be named coochie destroyer"
"uh- never talk to me ever again"
"you know it was good"
"humble yourself hacker"
"really? now your just trying to turn me on"
"you get a problem and its your fault. i cant do anything about it"
"thats no fair"
"rules of being pregnant bruv"
"not true"
"very true"
"girls have sex on their period cause they say an orgasm can help with cramps"
"do i look like one of those girls?"
"wrong, bitch"
"wow, your cursing at me now?"
"thats not healthy for the baby"
"last time i checked, it cant hear"
"you dont know that"
"then i feel really bad because of all the times you've talked about sex, anything sexual, anything having to do with your willy and basically everything that comes out of your mouth"
"i only speak facts"
"that was a lie"
"your really mean today"
"go cry about it"
"go cry about it" he mocked.
"maybe your pregnant, your having mood swings left and right"
"im for sure not pregnant"
"what are we gonna do?"
"about what?"
"the fans"
"what do you mean?"
"when they notice"
"i think we can hide it"
"its been 4 months"
"and they havent found out"
"but when they do? you remember what happened the first time. they'll think were irresponsible and not fit to have a whole child. and maybe their right, maybe we are irresponsible and stupid. maybe this was something that we could have- scratch that. it is definitely something we could have prevented but now-" he cut her off by placing his lips onto hers.
"were gonna be fine milo. so what? they call us irresponsible and stupid but who cares? they dont know us in real life, they just know how we are on social media. its none of their buisness. they think we should have a kid then they can go fuck themselves. if you think im gonna abandon you or anything even close to that then think again. i love you and if i wanted to give up, i would have done it 4 months ago. i need you okay? if they arent happy for us then unfollow, who gives a flying fuck?" he stated as she wrapped her arms around him and clung to his body.
"we can just keep it a secret until the baby's born. you know, baggy clothes, not going out much, and you dont really need to post much" he mentioned.
"im still scared"
"dont be, i'm gonna be with you the entire time"
"also, thank you for going all soft on me" he said jokingly before kissing her forehead.

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