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im not scared to jump cause i want you

as milo drove home from the triller house, vinnie shifted in his seat, staring at her.

"im tired" he whinned.
"were almost to my house"
"so are you like, single orrr?"
"no, i have a boyfriend"

while at the triller house, the boys had all drank a few white claws and shots but now milo had to drive vinnie back.

"so whats your boyfriends name?"
"wait- me?"
"yes" she said, trying to hide the smile forming on her face.
"can i have a hug?"
"when we get home"
"why not now?"
"because im driving" she said softly.
"can we cuddle when we get to your house?"

he leaned back in his seat before looking out the window. as she pulled into his driveway, she climbed out the drivers seat and trailed around to the passengers side before grabbing vinnie. she led him inside and very slowly made their way up the stairs.

she laid him on the bed before walking into the bathroom and changing. when she walked back out, he had the blanket over him with his arms open.


she gently crawled into his arms as he laid his head on her chest and wrapped his arms around her. he was out within 3 minutes, his lips slightly parted as he slept.

once he woke up, he looked up at the sleeping girl before gently kissing her cheek and getting up. he got up and changed before looking back down at milo and sitting next to her. he swiped the hair away from her face before pulling her into his chest.

his head was pounding but he still just wanted to cuddle her. he kissed her forehead and drifted back off to sleep.

she was now awake and getting up, only to be gently tugged back.

"a little longer"
"arent we supposed to meet ryland and all the boys at the skate park?"
"but you cant skate, your pregnant"
"technically i can skate, i just cant over do it"
"cant you go into labor or something?"
"7 more months babe"
"thats so longgggg"
"what if you fall on your stomach?"
"i've never fallen on my stomach"
"but it can happen"
"baby, i'll be fine"

they met up at the berrics before a they all started getting their boards ready and warming up. vinnie walked over to milo before wrapping his arms around her waist and resting his chin on the top of her head.

"i really dont want you doing this"
"do you want me to film for you instead?"
"its better than the risk"

she leaned up to gently kiss his lips before grabbing the camera from his hand.

sorry it was bad but only 4 more chapters

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