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lets fly

vinnie placed his phone down while going live. he was in front of the stove as he started to make eggs. milo was on the counter behind him while jordan and anthony made tiktoks.

"see this is what i deal with, none of them are paying attention to me" vinnie said jokingly while shaking his head acting like he was hurt.
"im literally right behind you" milo mentioned.
"no your not"
"yes i am"
"if you turn around, then you'll see"
"ouch, that ones gotta hurt" anthony said.
"i refuse to turn around"
"fine, i'll go find avani" she said while jumping off the counter.

he quickly picked her up and placed her on the counter next to the stove instead.

"anthony, your girlfriend is trying to take my girlfriend away"
"my girlfriends upstairs bruh"
"still. she's like a magnet" he said while doing a weird dance.
"you are something else" milo muttered.
"i know, i take pride in it"

comments are in italics

"for once milo isnt sleeping' i know! i finally got her to come downstairs and do anything else besides sleeping"
"this man- ugh you make me wanna scream" she said jokingly.
"he literally laid on top of me when i said i wasnt tired and then he has the audacity to fall asleep on me. like what else am i supposed to do? just push him off like movies? no! so i had no other choice but to sleep so that was his fault" she explained.
"i know your not talking! you fall asleep on me everyday" he said with a laugh.
"thats because you want me to. i could easily fall asleep on my own"
"do you guys argue alot?'" he asked from the comments.
"no but most of the time, i wake up to the boys screaming while flexing for a tiktok! or i wake up to vinnie yelling that i sleep so much and he started jumping on the bed like a maniac!"
"im just trying to wake you up" he said while flipping his eggs.

she stared at the eggs, trying not to laugh at his way of cooking them.

"and you talk about me being the meanie?" he asked while staring at her.
"yes. i only speak facts"
"i could easily pick you up and take you somewhere you know"
"but then you'll burn your eggs vincent"
"oh my- we were on a rollllll"
"yep but then you ruined it and now its back to vincent"
"how did you guys get back together?' um basically she hated me and we didnt, this is all a lie" he said while fake crying.
"no its not. basically i told him that i missed his sucky cooking and boom" she said as they both laughed.
"how is she always sleeping?'"
"its cause vinnie is a challenge and he liked to be difficult so after a day of being with him, i need a long nap"
"thats not even considered a nap! thats you giving in for the night"
"but then i wake up before you"
"she gets mad at me for always making tiktoks of her sleeping. i think she looks cute but shes always like 'eww why do i look like that?' 'why did you have to post that?'" he mocked as she playfully slapped his shoulder.
"see! she even gets aggressive"
"having a boyfriend is like having a weird kid. so dont get a boyfriend" she said as vinnie feigned hurt.
"you know its true! i have a video of his burning off his sweatpant strings cause he couldnt find scissors"
"and i have a video of you falling off your skateboard"
"you really wanna go there?"
"look how many i have of you" she said while handing him her phone.

he looked through her camera roll while eating his eggs, seeing all the videos of him falling, them being cutesy, and weird videos together.

"did you see that video of the toe molds?" she asked while eating oreos.
"we should do that"
"your weird"
"i know"
"ewww why do i look like that?" he said while looking at a picture that he took while he fell asleep on the floor.
"your fault"
"how did you guys first meet?" i saw her at the beach but i was too scared so i followed her on tiktok instead" he laughed.
"well yeah then he texted me and avani facetimed him on my phone then it became like a daily thing. but like we actually met in real life the night i sprained my knee cause im dumb like that" she said while laughing.
"i was being and i was gonna sleep on the floor but she wouldnt let me"
"cause the floor is uncomfy"
"the other day, she fell asleep on me and said it was because i was warm and comfy"
"wheres the lie though?"
"i know, im just great like that" he said as j walked down the stairs.

after a few more minutes of talking, they were all laughing.

"i bet your zodiacs a bitch! cause your a bitch! huhaaaaaaaaa" he said as milo jumped off the counter and ran away laughing.
"why did you make that noise?!" she asked through laughs.

he laughed and read a few comments before running over and throwing milo over his shoulder.

"whats your least favorite thing about eachother?' OHHH let me tell you! this girl has the worst mood swings you will ever see! one moment she wants to cuddle, but then she doesnt! one moment shes hungry and then shes not! one moment she hates me but then she goes soft and wants to cuddle with me! but otherwise, i love her"
"vinnie screams a lot and takes showers a lot. that may not seem like a bad thing until you go to take a shower AND THERES NO HOT WATER. but anyways, hes not half bad" she said jokingly.
"also if you could put me down, that'd be great. i feel like the blood is rushing to my head" she said, still hanging over his shoulder.

he set her down, quickly picking her up again. she was now sitting on his shoulders while he read the comments in the live. she leaned down to put her chin on the top of his head, her hands on his head.

"you can put me down you know"
"nope, im enjoying this"


time for me to go to bed cause its literally 3 am 😐

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