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with you right here, im a rocketeer

(so im actually going to continue this until 45 chapters. 6 more to go)

1 month later

"i never thought i would be able to sleep more than i used to" milo said while laying under her sheets.
"well, here you are"
"its like im tired but im not tired, i wanna go to sleep but i dont wanna go to sleep"
"then go to sleep baby" he chuckled while sitting next to her.
"but i feel like i cant" she said, causing him to laugh.
"hey stop laughing"
"im sorry" he said while kissing her forehead to stop himself from laughing.
"my stomach hurts"
"well you kinda have a child growing inside you"
"dont say it like that"
"im just stating facts"
"could just be me but pregnancy is a funny word. like i hated telling jordan and all them that im pregnant. it just sounds weird"
"but you are pregnant"
"i hate the way it sounds"
"you hate a lot of things. now why dont you take a looooooong nap"

she rolled over to cuddle into his side before closing her eyes. after about 30 minites, she found herself still wide awake.

"i cant sleep"
"did you try?"
"i've been laying here for like 30 minutes with my eyes closed. i told you i wouldnt be able to"
"try harder"
"or, we could just cuddle"
"im down"

he placed the small girl beside him and buried his head into the crook of her neck while wrapping his arms around her. he fell asleep easily, leaving milo locked in his grip having no choice other than sleep.

of course he woke up before her. he moved away from her and set his phone up.

"tell me why, my girlfriend is sleeping the day away and she wont hang out with me!" he jokingly yelled while his phone recorded.

she slightly jolted while eyeing him as he spoke, still half asleep.

"why are you yelling?" she asked with a soft and sleepy voice.
"aww oh my god im sorry, you can go back to sleep now" he said in awe while laying next to her and cuddling her.

he didnt even care that his phone was still several feet away, he just felt bad for waking up his girlfriend.

"i told you i wasnt tired but you forced me to sleep so looks who's fault it is" she mumbled before turning onto her side.

he followed and wrapped his arms around her, tucking his knees under hers and burying his head into her neck.

"you should really get the chicken wings out your room before you get bugs in there"
"why are you thinking about this right now?" he asked, trying to suppress his laughter.
"i dont know. i think about a lot of weird things, i just dont mention it"
"shut up, meanie"
"your the meanie. you just told me to shut up"
"you make me sad"
"why is that?"
"i dont know, you just do" she said while turning over so she was facing him.

he softly kissed her forehead before letting her fall back asleep.


cuties 🥺
i dont really know what this chapter was but it was cute

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