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hold on, i still want you

"so today were going to be pranking my girlfriend. it may seem cruel but its all in preparation. if you guys follow me on tiktok, by the time this video is out, you'll see that i have a spider tattoo. the thing is, milo hates spiders. like she will die on sight if she sees one. so what better way then to bring in 4 tarantulas right?" vinnie said into the camera.

jordan, anthony, kio, j and vinnie were all the store to buy 4 disgusting tarantulas.

"what do we do with them when were done?" jordan asked.
"i'll keep it" j said.
"that's disgusting but you do you" anthony said as they all laughed, slightly muffled from the masks they were wearing.

they got the creatures and left back to the house. once they walked in, they cleared a space and kio locked up mochi.

"im kinda scared" vinnie chuckled nervously.
"what if she does hate me? now i have her worst fear tattoed on me" he laughed.
"well, looks like your gonna be single" kio joked.

vinnie facetimed milo from his room, she picked up from laying in her bed.

"hi" she said.
"hey, can you come over in like, 20 minutes?"
"sure?" she said as screaming erupted from downstairs.
"do i really want to after that?"
"milo come onnn"
"i already said sure, i was just slightly questioning myself"

he laughed before they both said goodbye and hung up.

"why are you guys screaming?"
"jordan tried to throw it at me" kio said.
"their like little speed demons, they charged at us" anthony added.
"well we have 20 minutes until she gets her and after this video, i may be single"
"she's gonna hate you"
"when her and avani used to live together, they were both screaming downstairs cause there was a spider on the floor" anthony said while laughing.
"stop exposing us!" avani yelled from anthonys room.
"their like, 100x the size of spiders"
"well, look where we are now"
"im scared" vinnie whinned.
"i can slap it out of you"
"no thank you"

as milo pulled into their driveway, vinnie ran outside with his hands behind his back.

"hey skater girl" he announced while walking towards her.
"im scared. why are your hands behind your back?"
"i have a surprise" he said while taking out the blindfold.
"no, no and no, i am not wearing a blindfold"
"do you trust me?"
"yes but your suspicious"
"just trust meeee"

she let him put the blindfold on. he placed his hand on her shoulder and stepped behind her. he slowly guided her to the front door and inside. avani, kio, anthony, jordan, j, shane, troy and jack were all scattered around the living room, half of them recording. as soon as she stepped closer, she froze.

"wait wait, im scared" she laughed nervously.
"come on, you trusted me the entire way in"

she sighed but let him keep guiding her. he placed her in a chair before walking away and setting the tarantulas down. one was already crawling towards her so this was the perfect opportunity.

"you can take it off now"

she took it off and immediately screamed before taking off into the kitchen. they all burst into a fit of laughter as vinnie followed her.

"i literally hate you" she said.
"well you might hate me even more now" he said with a slight smile.
"oh my god. what did you do now?" she asked as he took off his shirt.

she stared at the tattoo for a second, a look of disgust in her face.

"it doesnt look bad, it just looks a little too real" she said as vinnie let out a sigh of relief.
"now can i get a kiss"
"no, i almost just had a heart attack"

he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into him, gently kissing her forehead.

"what are you gonna do with the demons?" she asked, earning a laugh from vinnie.
"j is keeping them"
"im never coming over ever again"
"fine then lets go to your house"

they were now at her house, in her room. vinnie was throwing a small ball while she sat on the floor organizing some things.


as i organized a small box of pictures from living with avani and amelie, vinnie got tired of throwing the ball and turned on netflix. i wasnt really paying attention to what he was watching until i heard the song 'i see red'.

i rolled my eyes at him but continued organizing the box. once his movie finished, he went back to throwing the ball and having a small conversation with me. he leaned off the bed to take his shirt off with the statement 'its hot as ass in here'.

i got up to go to my dresser and move some stuff around. i leaned down but before i could grab my box, vinnie placed his hands on my waist and pulled me back so our hips collided.

"see, this is why you dont watch movies like that" i said.
"who said it was because of the movie?"

he turned me to face him before pressing gentle kisses into my neck. he softly pushed me back until i was laying on the bed. he hovered over me and placed his lips onto mine.

(since people are accusing me of sexualizing vinnie, here you go 🤠)

the night ended with something that would leave both milo and vinnie very tired.

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