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i loved you dangerously

"my head hurts" was the first thing she said into my chest.
"look on the dresser"
"thank youuu" she said while taking the ibuprofen and water.
"your cute when your drunk"
"do you remember anything you said?"
"oh god"
"'did i ever tell you how pretty your eyes are?' 'your veins are hot' 'are you single?'" i mocked.
"no i didnt"
"i swear. it was literally the cutest thing ever. you were such a little softie" i said while giving her a squeeze.
"shut up"

after a few minutes, she started hiccuping.

"i swear that was one of the cutest things ever"
"you just said that like 5 minutes ago"
"im not lying though"

while laying down, my phone went off. i grabbed it to see a text from troy.

"you wanna go skating?"
"sure" she said.
"you should probably change out of my pants before you like trip and die"

she laughed and walked into the bathroom. she came out with her black jeans and my hoodie. i stared at her with awe while she waddled over to me and wrapped her arms around my waist.

"stop it. your too cute i might just die on the spot"
"please dont" she said while letting go.

i smiled before lifting her up. she clung to me with her legs wrapped around my waist as i walked down the stairs. i grabbed our boards before walking out the door and into my car.

as usual, a few people were there but not many. milo was on my back now while i skated towards the rest of the boys.

we basically all skated together until sunset and now we were going to eat. at the restaurant, we all talked about random things the entire night until we wanted to go home.

we walked into her house as i through her over my shoulder.

"why must you be so mean to me?"
"shut up, you love me" i said before running upstairs.

i dropped her onto the bed before laying next to her.

"i still have a headache"
"i mean, you were the one who drank last night"
"yeah but i had you thereee"
"you were soooooooooooooooooooo-" she smacked her hand over my mouth but i continued.
"okay okay i get it" she stated.
"nope. you were too cute"
"so you've mentioned"
"you kept wanting to touch my hair and cuddle like a little baby"
"but you gotta admit, i wanna cuddle on a day to day basis"
"thats true but you got so mad at me when i kept asking how much you drank"
"i can see that"
"you shunned me. SHUNNED. i was shunned by my own girlfriend"

authors note-
GUYS! this is a fanfic. yes i am using riley but its about a girl named milo with a WHOLE different personality. riley isnt like this so please stop shipping them because riley clearly said she doesnt want it.

please stop telling her that their is a book about her and vinnie because its not mine. this is about milo and vinnie. a M A D E  U P person. 

please stop ratting me out because if she finds this book, im taking it down because then i just feel so bad. or if it even gets to that point where she keeps saying to stop shipping then im taking it down. if vinnie finds it YOU'LL FIND ME IN A COFFIN.

lastly, please stop taking credit for my book. i just saw someone who took credit but as soon as i called them out, they agreed that it wasnt theirs. if your going to post about this, give me credit because i have never read a vinnie book like this and that was the whole point. i have also never seen a vinnie book with the name milo so please stop saying its yours if your one of those people.

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