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bitch, kiss me, kiss me, kiss me

(guys i dont want to seem like that person but i just want everyone to know that this is just a fanfic. i literally feel so bad because a little while ago riley said she doesnt want a relationship rn but everyone is shipping her with vinnie cause of this story 🥺 so please dont spam her comments with his @ because it just makes me feel really bad and im sure she is probably a little annoyed)

right now we were all getting ready to go to a small get together for a friends birthday at the triller house. a ton of people wont be there because that means we would all get cancelled for "partying".

i was driving to vinnie's house right now since he asked if i could pick him up. once he got into the car, he started laughing.

"i didnt even do anything" i said while trying to hide my smile.
"you looked like you were tired of me as soon as i opened the door"
"thats just my face"
"no its not" he said while trying not to laugh.
"if your gonna laugh just do it before you piss yourself"

halfway to the triller house, he was still laughing. i playfully smacked his chest as his laughing died down.

they arrived and instantly saw all the white claws and drinks that bryce had probably bought. almost everyone had one besides avani, amelie and anthony.

"ready?" he asked.

he laughed and grabbed my hand. parties definitely werent my scene even though this wasnt even an actual party but there was definitely more people than i expected. he instantly did his weird greets with the boys while i just said hi and went to the girls.

as some time had passed, i walked around the house to find milo.

"you want some?" bryce asked as he held out a white claw.
"no, im probably driving" i said as he shrugged.

i found milo with avani, amelie and cynthia as they all sat together on the white couch.

"you want to go now? its getting late" i asked milo as she slowly nodded.

she clearly had a drink or two but she needed it. she was tense and she probably just needed to release some stress.

"you look hot in button ups" she said as we got to the car, me turning to look at her.
"what? im just saying"
"and you look hot in dresses" i said back while getting inside the drivers seat as she shook her head.
"alright, how much did you drink?"
"well, it started off as a little then a little lot"
"what's a little lot?"
"i dont know. i only see two" she said while holding up three fingers, i couldnt help but laugh.
"hey stop it. thats not nice, im sensitive"
"you? sensitive?"
"okay but for real, how much did you drink?"
"shhh your giving me a headache"

she looked out the window with no response. while i drove, her hands played with my hair.

"you have soft hair"
"thank you"
"and your eyes. did i ever tell you how pretty they are?" she asked as i smiled.
"thank you milo"
"i like your veins too. there hot" she said while lightly tugging at the collar of my shirt.
"milo your going to distract me"
"your cute. are you single?"
"no" i said slowly as she removed her hands from my hair and slumped in her seat.

once we got to my house, i picked her up as she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms loosely around my neck. she was slowly falling asleep the further into the house we got.

i laid her down on my bed before going into my closet.

"put these on" i said while giving her my hoodie and sweats.

after a few minutes in the bathroom, she walked out and stood there. i laughed and walked over to her before picking her up and laying her on the bed.

"i thought you had a girlfriend?"
"you are my girlfriend"

she cuddled deeply into my chest while i rubbed slow and soft circles on her back.

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