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like what i see in 5 years for the great beyond and thats someone who made it, someone who stayed through the bullshit and made it

i woke up due to a cold breeze. i looked around and realized i was in vinnie's bed alone but just as i realize it, vinnie walks in.

"wanna help me and the guys film?"
"film what?"
"were just answering questions"
"why dont you use a tripod?"
"because i need you to ask the questions"

we both walked downstairs as i sat behind the camera with vinnie's phone.

"okay so today were gonna be answering questions because why not. so my girlfriends behind the camera and she's gonna answer the question and we all HAVE to answer it honestly" he said while looking at the boys.

jordan, j, vinnie, anthony, shane and kio all sat on the couch as they talked about dumb things until looking at me to ask a question. i looked down at his phone before asking one that he had written down.

"who in the house is single?" i asked as j and kio raised their hands, making the guys laugh.
"who is the best at skating?"
"shane" they all said at the same time.
"how many kids would you want to have?" i asked as i choked back a laugh.
"eh i would say like 2 you know cause like one boy and one girl" jordan said.
"i would say 1 or 2 but i would want them to be boys" j answered.
"probably 1 and i would want a girl" kio said while shrugging.
"i dont know, never really thought about it bu ti guess 1 or 2" anthony said.
"okay its gonna sound like a lot but max of 4" vinnie said as everyone yelled.
"you really think milo's tiny self can do that much?" anthony asked as he laughed.
"you never know" vinnie said.
"milo stand up really quick" anthony said while walking over to me as i stood up.
"her kids would be the height of her!" he said while comparing our heights.
"wait stand next to jordan" j said as i did it.
"NOOO she cannot have 4 kids vinnie" they all laughed.
"im feeling really targeted right now so fuck you anthony" i said as he laughed.
"fuck you too"
"okay anyways, if you could change one thing in this house, what would it be?"
"how fucking dirty vinnie's room is! chicken wings and honey bottles everywhere" anthony said.
"i love honey what do you expect! but i would make anthony's room more interesting"
"i would just want it to be cleaner" jordan stated.
"me too"
"probably vinnie's room too" shane said.

after a few more questions, they were finally done. vinnie walked over to me and picked me up over his shoulder.

"upstairs we go"
"or you can take me home?"
"im supposed to be at not a content house in like an hour with avani"
"but i dont want you to leaveeee"
"you see me literally everyday"
"cause your my baby"
"we'll see eachother tomorrow"
"ughhh fine"


me, lauren and avani were in cynthia's room with her as cynthia begged us to film a tiktok with her.

"fine but im gonna look so stupid" i said as they both laughed.

cynthia did "i like to party, bitch, come to the pad"
avani did "i like my bitches a little bit sad"
lauren did "i like them bitches callin me dad"
and i did "i like the barbies but i want the bratz"

fan: this is powerful

fan: the squad we never knew we needed

fan: wait their all so pretty

fan: they should move in with you guys
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cynthiaparkerrrr: i wish

fan: hotties

fan: we need more

vhackerr: who's the last one?
cynthiaparkerrrr: i dont know but she's pretty hot
milo.roseee: stop it, your making me blush

next for avani, we filmed the "say i yi, yi yi yi"

fan: ✨ t h i c c ✨

fan: i have never seen milo post something like this but i love it

hater: milo's a horrible person. she went from being pregnant to shaking her butt?

fan: milo looks so happy

fan: period avani

fan: this is the best group

fan: dont become problematic like cynthia

vhackerr: who's the one in that vinnie dudes hoodie?
avani: shes my girlfriend
vhackerr: no i think shes dating vinnie

fan: @vhackerr

fan: @vhacker

vhackerr: milo 🥵

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