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everytime we got closer, i pushed you away

today was the day milo had to fly in and she was nervous. thatw as probably an understatement but she just felt like vinnie would hate her.

as she got into her car after leaving the airport, she nervously drove to her house. vinnie offered to pick her uo but she couldnt bring herself to respond. she knew she would have to face him soon but she just wasnt ready yet.

as vinnie drove to her house, nerves filled him. what if they broke up again? what if she didnt love him anymore? there were so many possibilities at this point. what if she didnt even want to see him? he blocked out all these thoughts as soon as he saw milo's house.

he stepped out the car and walked in quietly. he walked up to her room and as he stepped inside, his heart broke. she had her head in her hands as she cried into them. vinnie stood there for a second before kneeling in front of her and moving away her hands.

"wh-what are yo-you doing here?" she asked through tears.
"what's wrong precious?"
"im- im a liar. i- i lied to you and i ne-never told you"
"told me what?"

she grabbed her phone and did a few things before handing it to him. he read the texts from the anonymous before stopping and looking up at her.

"baby why didnt you tell me?"
"i didnt w-want to worry you. yo-you were happy at the t-time and i- i couldnt take that a-away from you"
"your my number one priority. i dont care if im happy or not, i just want you to be okay"
"i-im sorry"
"stop crying okay? its not your fault at all. you cant entirely stop things like this milo"
"th-thats not the only thing" she said while going to instagram and handing him her phone.

his heart broke once more as he read through the texts saying she wasnt pretty enough for him, wasnt skinny enough for him, wasnt funny enough for him, she got pregnant to ruin him, she's irresponsible for getting pregnant and in general, she wasnt good enough for vinnie.

"you really believe this?" he asked as she blankly stared at him.
"milo, listen to me okay? you are so fucking beautiful and you are perfect for me. if i didnt think so, i wouldnt have gone through this to get you back. im literally in love with you and i can imagine anyone else being here with me"
"i-i-im sorry"
"stop apologizing. you are my beautiful baby and my princess okay? i wouldnt give you up for anything"

she wrapped her arms around him as he did the same. he stood up and lifted her up due to her grip on him. he picked her up gently while keeping her arms around him and sat down. she was straddling his waist as her head laid in the crook of his neck. he kept a tight grip on her waist while she slowly drifted off to sleep. her arms were wrapped around his neck loosely while she slept. he gently stroked her hair off her shoulder and let it fall to her back while he ran his fingers through it.

per usual, he took out his phone and made a tiktok. he used the sound "i want my baby to have your eyes" as he showed the sleeping girl. he used the caption "please dont hate on her, shes everything i want and i couldnt ask for anyone more perfect".

when he put his phone down, his hands returned to her waist.

fan: wait thats so cute

fan: this is all i want in a relationship

fan: that caption is so sweet

fan: after no milo content for a week, i feel fufilled

fan: i really pray they work out

fan: their babies would be so cute
fan: yessss
fan: omg that baby would be the cutest
fan: i hope we get to see them have one
fan: woahh their only 17 and 18
fan: i kinda agree though

fan: shes so pretty when she sleeps
vhackerr: mhm :)

jhuxhold: she looks like she hates you
vhackerr: you cant even see her face but probably still true

fan: when is she not sleeping?
vhackerr: great question

hater: he could still do so much better

avaniii: stop taking my girlfriend
vhackerr: sorry voni, she's mine

ameliezilber: she used to cuddle with me :(
vhackerr: ;)

fan: my favorite couple

he softly kissed the side of her head before closing his eyes and falling into a deep sleep.

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