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It Happened At Cafe Nix

Edited by Belinda Holmes

Fourteen Escape authors, one contemporary romance, fifteen happy endings

Long distance relationships don’t work

Nix Sutherland is at a crossroads. She loves running the family business, the famous Sydney Harbourside Cafe Nix, and she also loves Linc, whose vet practice is in Melbourne.

After months of jumping on planes and swapping cities, both of them too stressed and tired to enjoy being together, it’s all come to a head. In the middle of a typically busy day at the cafe that includes everything from broken hearts to breaking waters, cops to canoodling couples, Nix realises that loving the cafe means giving up Linc.

Meet Nix and characters from the novels of favourite Escape Publishing authors in fresh original shorts, and experience a day in the life of Cafe Nix.

Authors in order of appearance:

Ainslie Paton

Menu Choices—Morning Cover

Elizabeth Dunk

The Silver-haired Saviour:  In the style of The Lies We Tell

Juanita Kees

Under His Persuasion:  Characters from Tag Raiders Series

Sandra Antonelli

Niagara Falls at Cafe Nix:  Characters from Driving in Neutral

Jane O’Reilly

Hunk of the Month:  Characters from The Holiday Survival Guide

Nicole Flockton

Bound by Their Wedding Plans:  Characters from Bound by His Desire

Cate Ellink

Deeper Diving:  Characters from Deep Diving

Ros Baxter

Stand and Deliver:  Characters from Lingerie for Felons

Ainslie Paton

Menu Choices—Lunch Rush

Jenny Schwartz

Kissing Time:  Characters from Hero Duty

Ainslie Paton

No Dick Moves:  Characters from Insecure

Jennie Jones

12 Bells and a Baby:  Characters from Swallows Fall series

Lee Christine

In Safe Company:  Characters from In Safe series

Lily Malone

Angry Birds and Turtle Doves:  Characters from So Far Into You

Rhian Cahill

Christmas Wishes Do Come True: Characters from Christmas Wishes

Amy Andrews

Risqué Business:  Characters from Risky Business

Ainslie Paton

Menu Choices—The Close

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