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and if the sun starts setting, the sky grows cold and if the clouds get heavy and start to fall, i really need somebody to call my own, i wanna be somebody to someone

it felt like slow motion for vinnie. they grabbed the defibrillator and pressed them to her chest 3 times as her chest rose and fell everytime. but in the end, nothing. nothing at all.

"im sorry but i believe there is nothing more we can do sir" the doctor said before walking out of the room.

vinnie was in shock as if someone just spoke to him in a language completely foreign to him. he held her small cold hand in his as he felt nothing but pain. the pain of losing the one who was there for you when you needed it. the pain of losing someone you loved more than you could have ever imagined.

avani was the first one in. she didnt believe it, she didnt want to believe it. amelie followed right behind her. they were staring in disbelief but once they saw her still body and vinnie holding her hand with the other over her face, they knew it wasnt a lie.

(were gonna pretend this story is in like early quarantine too)

vinnie had just lost both of them. both were gone and he didnt even get the chance to meet one of them. he didnt even get to say 'i love you' one last time.

shortly after, jordan joined by the girls side as he stared at the lifeless body. his bestfriend that he had just recently grown so too was now gone. avani's childhood bestfriend was now gone. amelie's bestfriend was now gone. anthony's bestfriend was now gone. blake's bestfriend was gone. none of them were ready to believe that.

after about 30 minutes, everyone was sitting around the room, still in tears. as vinnie ran his hand through his hair, he felt the smallest squeeze on his hand. he looked over as milo slowly fluttered her eyes open. he didnt say anything except sob more before engulfing her in a bear hug as she was still sitting the hospital bed. she held onto him as tight as she could even though it wasnt very tight, but he was still grateful that she was alive.

after about 2 minutes, vinnie moved away as amelie wrapped her arms around her. milo slightly smiled as she held onto her before avani joined. they all held eachother tight and never wanted to let go. eventually they did and the three boys hugged her. once they were done, she looked over to vinnie who looked very very tired with red and puffy eyes and very pink cheeks.

his grip on her hand was tight but not tight enough to hurt her.

the doctor had come in while everyone else was at the vending machine. it was just vinnie, milo and the doctor in the room.

"so we do have some bad news and some good news. which would you like first?"
"bad" vinnie said.
"well.. since your heart stopped and you stopped breathing, you did lose the baby" he said slowly as milo choked back a sob.
"but, you should be able to go home around midnight" he said as he gave them his condolences before leaving the room.

milo could see that vinnie wanted to cry more than she did so she leaned back into the bed and called him over.

"please dont cry anymore" she said softly.
"i cant not cry" he said as his voice cracked.
"come on, get some rest okay?" she said as he leaned his head on her chest.

it was around midnight now and vinnie was carrying milo on his back as they walked to his car.

"i can walk you know"
"you died for 30 minutes, im not letting you walk" he said while holding her tighter.
"what if i want to walk?"
"you can walk in the morning"
"im fineee"
"milo you just died"
"yes yes, i know"
"im gonna take you home and make sure you go to sleep, then im gonna leave and go to sleep then come back before you wake up"
"or you could just stay the night and cuddle with me"
"i hate you"
"nope you truly love me. you also love that i know your weaknesses"
"i hate it here"

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