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tear me to pieces, skin and bones

(listen to the song while reading.. wait for the music to start)

third person

as vinnie let his tears fall, he stared at her small figure on the long hospital bed. it was even worse than before. nothing had gotten this bad and he felt like shit. he felt like the cause of this all.

if he wouldnt have broken her heart then they wouldnt have had to meet up that day and she wouldnt have been driving. right now, vinnie would give himself up just to see her smile one last time. he was hopelessly in love with her and he knew, he would spend the rest of his life with her. now, he might not even have her. she could be gone at any moment in time but he couldnt think about that.

if he thought about all the bad things at this very moment, he was sure he would completely snap. his everything was at the doors of death and he couldnt do anything to save her. the sound of the beeping was the only thing he could hear besides his sobs. they were louder than he could have ever imagined.

the group walked in as they all watched the machine stag in a neon green line over the black screen of her steady heartbeat. the only thing heard in the room was the sobs from everyone and the beeping. the horrible beeping.

she hadnt even moved a muscle since vinnie walked in. he never wanted this. he never wanted emily.

he wanted milo rose garcia and milo rose garcia only. he wasnt ready to accept the fact that she would be gone.

his face felt like it was on fire from the hot tears running down it. it got to be too much for avani as she walked out of the room. she couldnt see her bright, happy, funny bestfriend like this anymore. amelie followed to make sure she was okay and to control her own sobs, anthony and blake shared a look before going to find their girlfriends. everyone in that hospital room was balling their eyes out.

jordan stared at the small figure on the bed for a few more seconds before going back to the lobby in tears. it physically and mentally hurt them all to see milo, steadily breathing but not moving but it also hurt to see vinnie sobbing his heart out.

this was something that they all never expected. vinnie expected to explain himself then give it a week and try the whole dating thing again then cuddle and hug again for the first time in what felt like years even if it was only a week. the pain was the only thing he felt and nothing less.

vinnie was utterly broken and no one or nothing could save him this time. once he lost her, he wasnt going to run back to his ex because she was that ex that he wanted to run back to. he wasnt going to go back to emily because there was nothing there for him. she wasnt like milo.

every since he saw her on the beach, his life has been so much better. he wished he could just go back to that day. if she doesnt make it, he needed to go back to that day. he wouldnt have waited so long to make a move on her or to actually ask her out. if he wouldnt have waited to long, he could have had more time to call her his own.

breathing became harder for him as his sobs got louder. his chest felt like it was tightening and he just felt like he was going to snap at any moment. he removed his head from his hands before glancing up at her as the machine picked up speed. the sound of footsteps were heard outside of the door. the beeping progessively got faster and faster as vinnie's heart sped up at the worst thought.

vinnie felt like this was a nightmare that he needed to wake up from. he just stared at her body. no expressions visible, only the tears running down his pink cheeks.

doctors rushed into the room as they examined her but saw no way to help. she was still laid limply on the bed and hadnt moved this entire time.

vinnie had a mental breakdown as soon as the beeping went flat.

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