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isnt it lovely? all alone

(this is gonna be rlly rlly short because the next one is going to be needed with music so prepare to cry at the next one)


"mr. hacker we need you out right now!" a nurse stated as doctors rushed in.

my eyes brimmed with tears as i felt a pain shoot through me. i had to move though. i got off of the hospital bed and watched as different doctors hooked her up to different machines.

i had to turn around before it got worse. i walked out and to the lobby before sitting with my head in my hands

"what happened?" avani asked.
"i- i dont know. one moment she was fine a-and the next she just-" i said before breaking down.

i almost lost her once and i cant lose her again. not both of them. if i lose her, everything is over. i didnt even say bye or tell her how much i need her or how much i love her. if i lose her then everything is over.

she was hurting in that very room and worst part it, i cant do anything about it. it feels like a dream. a dream that you cant wake up from. almost like sleep paralysis. i'm aware of everything going on but i cant wake up and i cant do anything besides sit back and watch.

i just want to wake up from this nightmare.

after about 3 hours everyone was passed out besides me.

"mr. hacker, you may see her" the nurse said sadly.

i furrowed my eyebrows before walking in. the steady beeping filled my ears as she laid on the bes, eyes closed, hands at her sides and her chest moving slowly.

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