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i swear that every word you sang, you wrote them for me

"how long?" vinnie asked.
"only a week it seems. it was almost impossible to tell if she is pregnant or not"
"come on. lets get you back to the lobby"

vinnie and the nurse headed back to the lobby as he sat back in his seat with wide eyes.

"what happened?" avani asked.
"uh- nothing. shes okay though just not awake" vinnie said blankly.

vinnie couldnt stop thinking about it. it had to be his child since he was her first time. she barely left her house after they broke up so it had to be his.

after about 3 hours of everyone sleeping, the nurse arrived again.

"mr. hacker?"
"come with me" she said while turning on her heel.

she led him into her room where he saw milo. milo was hooked up to tons of machines with scratches all over her. vinnie teared up as he stared at her.

"hopefully, she will be awake tonight but i cannot make any promises"
"thank you" vinnie said while looking down at her.

the nurse nodded and walked out.

hours later and it was already 2 am. milo slowly stirred awake as she lifted her head but instantly groaned in pain. she felt a warm mass in her hand as she looked over to see vinnie.

"v-vinnie?" she asked in a soft voice.
"hey" he said while looking down at her.

she looked around to see all the machines around her and the IV's in her arm.

"how you feeling?" he asked.
"i- i dont know. fine i guess"
"that was a lie"
"i really dont know"
"c-can i ask you something?" he said as his voice cracked.
"did you know?"
"know what?"
"that you were.. p-pregnant?"
"the nurse told me"
"no, no this isnt real. i-"
"shh, its okay. its okay" he said while gently moving the hair away from her face.
"i-i cant be pregnant. i havent done anything with a-anyone besides you" she said as teads welled up in her eyes.
"hey, we'll get through this together okay?"
"vinnie, i-im only 17. i can ot take care of a ch-child"
"you wont have to do this alone. i'll be with you the entire time okay? you'll be 18 and i'll be 19. hopefully covid will be over but i'll never leave your side"
"please know that i did want to see you. i didnt want you to think i stood you up but this happened.."
"i know, i get it" he said while she slightly squeezed his hand.
"what do we do?" she asked.
"well, would you want to hear my story now? you dont have to believe me, i just want you to listen"
"i do"
"okay so at saddle ranch, the hollywood fix was there and yeah. emily and her friend were with us because jay was talking with her like as more than friends which is the only reason emily was even there. jay wanted to go back to the house so he could give her the sweater she left there which is when we made that tiktok. emily asked if i wanted to go back to her house and i said no because i was going to yours. she left and thats when i left to go to your house but when i got there, you were sleeping. i didnt want to wake you up so i just laid next to you. the next couple of days went by and she kept texting me. i turned her down everytime but jay wanted to see her friend again. emily decided to come too and when i went to my room to call you, she followed. she locked my door and started kissing me and all that but nothing more happened. im not saying you need to believe me, i just wanted you to listen"
"i do believe you"
"i used to be friends with emily but then she started dating the guy that i was talking to. its just how she is. she gets in the way of relationships"
"look im sorry for what i put you through-"
"its fine vinnie. but if you wanna make it up to me, can you please come cuddle cause im literally freezing my ass off"

vinnie laughed and carefully laid next to her. he engulfed her in his arms which instantly warmed her since he was in a hoodie.

"you know, im not asking for you to say yes but maybe we could try.. 'us' again-" mid sentence he looked down to see milo already asleep.

he smiled and gently kissed the top of her head before getting himself comfortable.

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