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if i ever did that, i think i'd had a heart attack

i have been at college for a few days now and its been horrible. absolutely horrible. walking around in masks everyday is the worst thing ever. most of my classes are online but the ones on campus are long. we found out that payton and miles were in the dorm across from us so once we got tested negative, we started hanging out 24/7.

basically we had to get tested for covid twice a week and it was so bad. they has saliva tests but yet they kept losing them.
(true story. my sister is a freshman in college at urbana champagne in chicago and she facetimed me telling me how the tests were bad and they lost hers for the 7th time)

payton was in our dorm with us as we decided to post a picture.


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milo.roseee: this is what's happening in our lovely dorm

fan: social distancing?
milo.roseee: we get tested twice a week and were all negative

fan: you all look so good

fan: is she cheating on vinnie?
milo.roseee: never.

vhackerr: whos the one with silver hair?
milo.roseee: i dont know but i heard shes weird
vhackerr: i think shes hot
milo.roseee: i think your stalking her
vhackerr: i think shes my girlfriend
milo.roseee: shes my girlfriend
avani: actually shes my wife
milo.roseee: LMFAO

fan: the best group

fan: i need more content from minnie

vhackerr: i miss you, come back please 🥺

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vhackerr: i miss you, come back please 🥺

fan: you should go see her

fan: shes still so pretty

fan: cutie

fan: im happy for them but at the same time i want vinnie

fan: i love milo but i dont think this is gonna work out

jhuxhold: she said 😀✌🏽

milo.roseee: stopppp 🥺

fan: their so happy together

after another week, i was still dying in this stupid dorm room.

it had been 2 weeks without milo and honestly, it was horrible. i have nothing to do and i just plain old miss her. while i was scrolling through tiktok, my phone flashed as milo's name popped up.

"hey" i said.
"payton? why do you have milo's phone?"
"she uh- she had a panic attack"
"yeah, she's fine now but she did have one"
"what caused it?"
"i have no clue"
"just please tell her to call me when she's feeling better"
"i will" payton said before hanging up.

now all thats on my mind is if she's okay. i never knew she had panick attacks. like ever.

third person
after a day or two, everyone was getting sent home due to the cases of covid rising. milo was in the car with ansley, payton, miles and eliza as they all drove back to LA together. they were going to drop milo off first then go to paytons house since the four of them all lived pretty close.

once milo walked in and locked the door, she ran into her room only to be picked up. she wrapped her legs around their waist as she felt the warm embrace of vinnie.

"are you okay?!" he asked curiously.
"im fine babe" i said while wrapping my arms around his neck and leaning in to rest my head on his houlder.
"why didnt you tell me about the panic attacks?"
"i havent had one in forver and it wasnt that important"
"baby, you have to tell me things like this" he said while kissing the side of my head.
"i know, i know. im sorry, i just, i didnt want to worry you"
"you would never"

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