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hold my heart, hold it tight, its falling.


me and vinnie have been dating for about 2 weeks now. the fans still didnt know a thing about them even though they were together all the time. some had their suspicions but others, not so much. it hadnt been confirmed so the fans werent all over them just yet.

"hm?" i asked.
"should we announce it today?"
"i dont know. up to you" i said while rolling over into the pillow.
"i need your opinion though"
"ok" he said while kissing my forehead.

 "i need your opinion though""sure" "ok" he said while kissing my forehead

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vhackerr: you guys are finally getting it. this is my beautiful girlfriend milo 🥺

fan: YESSS

avani: dont take away my wifey

ameliezilber: my little baby has a boyfriend now 😔


fan: we've offically lost him 😔✌🏽

fan: rip vinnie

joshrichards: simp
vhackerr: ofc

fan: aww

fan: hottest couple

as both of our phone blew up, i dug my head deeper into chest as groaned.

"thats cute" he said.
"what is?" i asked tiredly.
"that little noise"
"shut up" i said as a slight blushed creeped onto my cheeks.
"your cute"
"no you"
"muah" he said dramatically as he kissed my head.
"as i said, slobbery dog"
"you love me"

i replied with a groan as i slowly fell asleep in his grasp.

once i woke up, vinnie was gone but it was kinda late so. but then again, he usually stays the night. i didnt really think too much into it but instead just scrolled on youtube. i saw a video of vinnie, joseph, jordan and 2 girls at saddle ranch. of course the hollywood fix caught them.

i didnt think too much into it once again because vinnie was just with me and he just announced that we were dating. i flopped back into the pillow before falling asleep.

filler 🥺

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