{Chapter 1} Secrets

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[Hinata's POV]

My name is Hinata Shoyo, also known as the famous Russian Skater, Shoya Hina. I've been keeping this little secret from my volleyball team and all of Japan! Well, except for some people, like my best friend Kenma! I trust him more than anyone ever. Some other people that know my secret are Viktor Nikiforov and Yuri Katsuki. My adoptive parents and coaches! I just want a new change of environment. I want a break from the paparazzi. Which is why I came to Karasuno. The school where the tiny giant went! I want to be just like him, tiny, but amazing! Volleyball is something else that I found other than skating. It's my remedy and my hobby and I would love to play it professionally just like I do for skating! All I need to do, is hide my Russian skating secret from my school, for now.

I really hope that no one finds out what secret I have been trying to hide for years! Well even if they do...I hope that they can keep a deep secret! Can you keep a secret?

Author's Note: Hello my dear readers! I'm sorry that this chapter is quite short. Well, don't worry! It's just something like an introduction. You might find longer chapters in the future and I'll try to post as often as I can! Thank you for reading this chapter!

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