Chapter 2: First Love Reversal Strategy (2)

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Slapping, verbal sparring, isolation, group beatings......

Although these weren't done by Xia Qiu personally, but the henchmen surrounding her, seeing that the goddess was unhappy, would individually go and bother Han Zhen Zhen.

Daring to oppose the female lead, who among them will have a good ending? But as a villainous second female lead, the worse her ending in the novel, the happier the readers will be! Her existence is only to serve as a foil to the female lead, to let the main leads have a better happy ending!

But as a result, a portion of the readers were happy, but another portion of the readers were not.

Their name is "Qi Qi fan"!

The author abused such a gentle and considerate male second lead who is just like a Prince Charming. Qi Qi fans cried a river, one after another heading the author's website to complain.

Even the novel's world couldn't handle such deep resentment, almost fragmenting. So the organization could only expedite this mission, and assign it to the newbie Xia Qiu.

As long as the readers' resentment and negative emotions are changed into positive energy, these "superhumans" can receive a corresponding reward.

Thinking about how to turn around the bad situation, Xia Qiu walked in circles around the gymnasium, but it wasn't for no reason.

According to the school timetable in the original owner's memory, this period should be Qi Qi's PE class. Therefore, she can have an "accidental meeting" with Qi Qi here, to scout out Qi Qi's situation.

In the summer, it's still hot in the gym. It's been about 20 minutes since class started, but the gym is still empty.

Could it be that she was unlucky, their gym teacher decided not to hold their class outdoors?

As Xia Qiu was thinking that, she couldn't help stopping her footsteps and looking at the gym entrance.

Looking across the whole gym, her gaze landed on the boy that was at the entrance. Although the sunlight behind him was dazzling, and it was hard to see what he looked like, but Xia Qiu's gaze was inexplicably captured by him, as if it was etched in her memory, an image of a gentle yet aloof face appeared in her mind.

Xia Qiu paused for a moment, Qi Qi didn't move.

There's a saying, if the mountain doesn't come to me, I will go over. Xia Qiu smiled, her hands tucked into the trouser pockets of her uniform. She immediately headed towards Qi Qi. But sudden overwhelming despair bubbled up in her chest, causing Xia Qiu to suddenly become dizzy, painfully pressing against her heart, her face immediately turning white.

Immediately following that, she lost control of her body, falling onto the floor, pain scorching her elbow.

A cold sweat broke out on Xia Qiu's forehead, her back was probably also soaked in cold sweat, curled up on the ground feeling especially cold.

The gym suddenly resounded with the sound of running footsteps, speculation flashed across Xia Qiu's mind, immediately after she recalled what Peter said during the organization's training.

After transmigrating, if there's any discomfort, no need to worry. That's just the resentment from the original owner and the rejection of the soul. This type of discomfort will probably be like having acupuncture, and there will be no more problems after three to five days.

But now Xia Qiu really wanted to ask Peter.

Having acupuncture can actually cause you to faint? Or is the person who's giving the acupuncture actually Wet-Nurse Rong?!

(T/N: A character from the Chinese drama My Fair Princess aka. Return of the Pearl Princess or Princess Returning Pearl. She's a vicious and malicious character who did the bidding of the Empress, which included torture.)

The boy's running footsteps and the light and shadow in the gym merged into one, everything in front of her eyes constantly spinning and blurring. Xia Qiu's ears buzzed, and she could feel a certain aura approaching.

Then the boy lifted her into his arms, his voice hoarse from the voice changing period, anxious, yet so pleasant that hearing it might make the ear pregnant.

Gentle hands supported Xia Qiu, feeling her forehead, but then seemingly afraid of shifting her, the movements stopped.

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