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you should let me love you

i gotta admit, i was a bit stunned but i didnt hesitate to kiss back. he was so gentle and soft with it. how could you not fall for him? once we both pulled away, we stared into eachothers eyes.

"you know you look beautiful right?" he asked.
"stop it. i hate compliments" i said.
"i didnt lie though" he said while pulling me into his chest.
"im gonna take a nap" i said.
"right now?"
"yes. your warm and comfy" i said while wrapping my arms around him and resting my head on his chest.

this was the best moment ever. her small hand laid on my chest as her other arm wrapped around me with her head on my chest. i would kill to do this everyday. she was an angel. i know its cheesy and i saw it all the time but im not lying. she was everything i looked for in a girl. she was the best person ever.

she listened when i needed someone. she gave me advice when i was at my worst. she's not sensitive and she knows how to have a good laugh. shes a god at skating. how much more perfect can you get? she is my dream girl.

as her warm embrace comforted me, i slowly closed my eyes.

when i woke up, it was morning and she was still in my arms. she was already awake though. her finger traced small circles on my chest while she stared at her hands.

"well good morning" i said.
"hey" she said in a soft morning voice.

god it was so cute. i softly kissed her forehead before getting up and picking her up bridal style.

"noo vinnie!" she whined.
"yess milo!" i said back.
"where do you want to go?" i asked.
"i have to go to the stupid doctors in 2 hours" she said.
"well your going to go get ready, im going to go get ready then i'll pick you up and we'll get coffee before we go to the doctors" i said while walking up the stairs and into her room.
"fine" she said as i set her down on her bed.

as i got ready, i hobbled around and finally made it downstairs while waiting for vinnie. i saw his car pull up as i hopped in and he started to drive towards the coffee shop.

"vincent!" i yelled as he took a picture of me.
"if you stop calling me vincent then i'll consider deleting these" he said with a smirk.
"i hate you"
"nope. you love me or else you wouldnt have kissed me"
"you kissed me"
"but you didnt pull back"
"i- ughh" i sighed.
"my point exactly"

a few minutes later, i saw these on instagram.

liked by milo

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vhackerr: toast gremlin

@milo.roseee: i have developed a strong hatred for you
@vhackerr: @milo.roseee keep telling yourself that

@fan: AHHHH


@avani: go to the doctors
@milo.roseee: @avani we areeeee


@hater: vinnie can do better

@fan: im confused?

@fan: my side profile could never 😔✌🏽

@fan: the caption LMFAOO

@luvanthony: she is a gremlin

@fan: aww hes taking care of her
@fan: @fan OMG your right!!!

"wow, didnt know it was that crazy that we are hanging out" i said.
"well were pretty legendary"
"shut up vinnie"
"aww your calling me vinnie again"
"shut up vincen-" i was cut off as he leaned over the console and place his hand over my mouth.
"i like vinnie more" he said before removing it.


i was out of the doctors now and i had my brace off. apparently i still needed help walking for the first day or two but then i would be fine.


now we were home. our phones were still blowing up about us being together and a ton of other stuff. as i looked up from my phone i saw vinnie staring at me.

"what are you looking at?" i asked.
"can i kiss you?"
"no. your a bad kisser" i said jokingly.
"miloo-" i cut him off by placing my lips onto his soft ones as his hand flew up to my cheek.

he cupped my face in his hand as he gently ran his thumb over my cheek.

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