A Demon Is Born.

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"He is here! He is here!"

Bustling through the marble hallways of the hilltop mansion, a young maid with blood stained arms ran in excitement.

A wide smile broke upon the expecting fathers face, sitting perfectly centered in an even larger marble room, his fingers began to clench turning them white at the knuckles around the carved roaring lions on the arm rest.

"Tell me nurse, is it everything I wanted, everything we hoped for!" Exclaimed the father in his deep booming voice bounding up from his chair, and seizing her with both his arms.

"He is everything and more kind sir! A true legacy in your blood line."

"Excellent." He muttered softly to himself moving the nurse out of his way.

The ecstatic father then made his way down the long hall of his house. As he walked his eyes widened every few steps at the thoughts streaming through his mind. Visions of a young baby curled in his arms, an irresponsible toddler running the yards, and one day a full grown man to stand as his equal flooded his mind. This was all he had ever wanted, a prodigy to mould to his own.

As the man reached the large wooden door he stopped for just a second. A second to compose himself, and take that final breath of content. Swinging the door open he saw his wife laying still, eyes closed resting beneath the large four posters of there bed. The sheets were stained with blood, and placenta and a large satin pillow lay beside her ripped to shreds showering the ground in feathers.

But the father had eyes for only one thing, eyes for the perfect child laying eyes clenched underneath his mother’s breast.

As he approached the mother opened her eyes wearily, a small grin appearing upon her dark, sweat glistened face.

"He is everything we wanted dear, I hope I have done well." She spoke softly, not to startle the newborn cradled in her arms. 

"You have done wonderfully darling." Replied the man, placing his hand affectionately on her chin.

"May I?" He added his large black eyes sliding down towards the baby.

Lifting her hands weakly the mother handed over the child to the fathers large expecting hands.

"My son." He spoke softly, bringing the baby close to his face.

The father surveyed the babies face intently with wide eyes. He had his mother’s lips, red and rounded and a tiny snub nose. His eyes were perfectly spaced with small faint eyebrows floating above them. His hair, perhaps the most extraordinary thing was already long and the darkest shade of black falling lightly around his tanned skin.

After several extended minutes of observation he walked over to the wicker bassinette beside the open window, and slowly lowered the baby onto the cushioned mattress bundling him tightly in his blanket.

"He is bound for greatness you know?" He spoke a little louder now to his wife, his voice coated in pride.

"I know darling, with your guiding hand I am sure he will grow to your expectations and further."

Walking over to his wife, he sat carefully on the side of their large bed grabbing her fragile hands in his large spindly ones.

"This is a great day for our family dear. Our son signifies the beginning of many accomplishments to come, and most importantly the end to the Powers family."

"I know dear." She nodded smiling; he will have talents far beyond anything they have ever experienced.

The father did not answer his wife immediately, and chose the moment to revel upon her words sighing loudly with content and agreement. 

Slowly lowering his gaze back to his wife's exhausted face he whispered softly, "Rest now darling, we have many celebrations to come, you have done well." And with that, he raised her small house to his mouth and kissed them softly before sweeping out of the room.

Returning back to the large marble room the tall man stood proudly in the archway his four brothers all remaining in there wooden chairs.

"Start the celebration my brothers, my wife has gifted me a beautiful son, a jewel in the house of Damon."

"Is he as great as you hoped my brother!?" Spoke the youngest of the four curiously.

"He is far greater dear sibling, and more than capable of completing what our ancestors have been attempting for thousands of years."

"Rise now, we drink tonight for joy, and new beginnings."

"Let's not forget anticipated endings.." added another one of his brothers, all five of them now chuckling with happiness.

As the five brothers all marched out of the room a specific similarity could be seen on all their faces. Each brother had eyes darker than any night’s sky or deep sea, and each set of eyes was filled with the unmistakable look of malice and pure evil.

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