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i only say it cause i really mean it

a week later...

me and vinnie have gotten really close so far and it was kinda nice to have another person to talk to. today avani wanted me to film a gymnastics video with her for tiktok.

yeah heres a rundown of me. so im not a huge girly girl but i have some tendencies. i know how to do hair professionally, i know how to do gymnastics because i used to be a level 10 gymnast, i skate a lot, i know how to sing, i do dancing on tiktok, i play fortnite and some other things that arent really important.

so right now we were all at the beach about to film it. amelie was filming while me and avani were tumbling. fun fact, me and avani met because we both were gymnasts and we've been bestfriends ever since. she was my only friend in the gym and i didnt even care because she was all i needed.

amelie pressed record on tiktok as me and avani ran.

we both did a round off, backhand spring while she did a layout out of it and i did a full out of it. while watching it, i felt sharp pains shooting through my knee. i discarded it as we walked back to the car. the pains started getting worse and worse and the girls clearly noticed.

"you okay milo?" avani asked.
"yeah, my knee kinda hurts"
"your limping. maybe we should go to the er"
"no no, its not that serious. im fine"

avani nodded and amelie got into the drivers seat while i was in the passengers seat and avani was on the back.

once we got home, i found it extremely hard to get up the stairs because my knee was in os much pain.

"alright lets go. im taking you to the er whether you like it or not"

i groaned but followed her to the car. avani hopped into the driver seat and started driving. we arrived in no time and she helped me out. we got to the desk and they brought us to a room.

while we were waiting i got a facetime call from vinnie.

"hey" i said.
"where are you?" he asked.
"yeah about that.."
"were in the er" avani said.
"why are you in the er?" he asked, the hint of concern in his voice was evident.
"nothing really" i said.
"she hurt her knee" avani said.
"what did you do?" vinnie asked.
"do you want me to meet you there?"
"no im fine, really its not bad"
"shes limping" avani said again.
"milo, do you want me to go?"
"no vinnie i promise im fine"
"please tell me what happens okay?"
"i will" i said.

i hung up after we said out goodbyes and i saw avani smirking.

"vinnie cares ahout youuu"
"hes a good friend" i shrugged.
"nooo i think he likes you"
"you think everyone likes everyone"
"so mean to me" she mumbled.

after a while, the doctor came in finally. he told me that i sprained my knee, i know its weird but i had to wear a brace for 2-4 weeks. he also gave me crutches which would be really annoying.

avani helped me as i wobbled towards the exit of the hospital, quickly adjusting to the crutches. the brace made me feel a bit better but it still hurt.

third person
once they were home, avani instantly texted anthony while milo wobbled up to her room.

she was texting anthony about something big and anthony agreed with it.

anthony was at his house, walking into vinnie's room.

"you wanna go meet milo?" he asked since vinnie and milo never met in person.
"im sleeping over at avani's, i can take you with me"
"uh sure i guess" vinnie said.

as those two got ready, milo was in her room on the phone with her parents. they argued a lot because they were so sensitive and strict sometimes. milo was more of a free spirit which was why they argued alot.

once she hung up, avani walked in.

"you okay beb?"
"yeah their just annoying"
"i know" she said while hugging her.

she smiled and ran out the room. milo was left in a state of confusion but she didnt really care at the moment.

as anthony and vinnie came in, avani smiled and started leading vinnie upstairs.

"she might be a bit upset because she just got in a small fight with her parents but she will be more than happy to see you. if you need anything, my room is right there" she said pointing down the hall.

vinnie nodded while avani walked away and he prepared himself to walk through that door.

i was laying down in my bed on my phone being bored as ever. it was kinda late and i had a hurt knee so there wasnt much to do. i heard the from door open and close which confused me a bit. i thought about it a little more until i remembered it was probably anthony or something.

i closed my eyes, trying to forget about things. she heard her bedroom door open then close. just as she opened her eyes, she saw the one and only vinnie standing there with a teddy bear.

"hey weirdo" he said with a smile.
"what are you doing here?" she asked trying to hide the smile that was creeping up.
"ouch, want me to leave?" he said while slightly laughing.
"no no, please" she said.

he walked over and gave her the teddy bear while then sitting on the mini bean bag.

"what brings you to my room today?"
"the fact that you sprained your knee and anthony isnt taking me home till morning"

i giggled while he smiled at me.

"do you have like... blankets i can put on the floor or anything?"
"your crazy if you think im letting you sleep on the floor" she said while shimmying over towards the wall.

she gave him more than enough room on the bed as he stared into her eyes.

"are you sure?"
"oh my gos get up here" i said while chuckling.

he got up and laid next to me, going on his phone. vinnie being vinnie, made a tiktok of just lip singing.

"how you feeling?"
"it doesnt hurt that bad"
"so it still hurts"
"not bad"
"you are so stubborn sometimes. you know that?"

he laughed and rolled his eyes.

"you should get some rest"
"but im not tired" i whined.
"go to sleep"

i watched as she laid deeply into the covers, facing me still. she closed her eyes softly, falling asleep easily.

"so much for not being tired" i mumbled.

she was like an angel while she slept. she looked so calm and peaceful.

after a few minutes, avani walked in.

"awww, you guys should cuddle" she said.
"get out" i said with a chuckle and an eye roll.

she closed the door after running out and i turned back to her. she was gorgeous. i decided it was finally time to go to bed next to this little angel.

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