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yeah im right here, im tryna make it clear

"stop staring and get in the water!" quinton shouted.

i laughed and followed him into the water along with josh, anthony, blake, josh, bryce, kio and griffin. we all just wanted a day to ourselves, away from all the drama being placed on us. the beach was always calming.

after an hour of splashing around, i was laying on a towel with josh and kio next to me. i couldnt help but stare as i saw a beautiful girl in the water with her friends.

"i see you found milo" josh said, snapping me out of my trance.
"milo, shes a tiktoker"
"yeah, she has like 80 mil"
"no way. ive never seen her"
"she's roomates with my girlfriend" anthony said while running over, water dripping down him.
"this is a joke" i said in disbelief.
"nope. she lives with avani and amelie. shes a pretty chill girl" anthony replied.
"someone has a crush" kio teased.
"do not! im just seeing her for the first time!"
"well, shes literally your type. she skates too. i can give you her number if you want" anthony replied.
"nah, i wanna find her on tiktok first so i dont sound like a creep by randomly texting her and saying 'hey i saw you at the beach and i thought your pretty cute'"
"either way, kinda creepy"
"shut up blake, your the one who wont make a move on amelie" kio said.
"dayummm!" the boys said.

we all laid together while i just couldnt keep my eyes off her. the way her silver hair laid perfectly, her green eyes easily seen, her playful attitude and just everything about her was just perfect. what am i saying? i havent even met her! she doesnt even know i exist.

( a/n: 7 months later... this isnt a y/n book, please stop, k thx )

i grabbed out my phone and searched up 'milo' on tiktok. i clicked on the first one and sure enough, it was the girl. the first video on there was her skating. she was a god at it. she looked even cuter up close.

"your obsessed" quinton while looking over my shoulder.
"shut up q, your obsessed with cynthia"
"atleast shes my girlfriend"
"wow quinton, i see how it is. your gonna ditch me for your girlfriend?" i said while placing a hand over my chest.
"i love you vin vin"
"ew, dont call me that"

he laughed and started making a tiktok. anthony was smiling at his phone which probably meant he was texting avani.

"be back, im gonna go talk to avani really quick" he said while running off in that direction. i smiled watching milo laughing with amelie. she was just so perfect, she doesnt even know i exist though. not to mention, wayyyy out of my league.

"stop staring and make a move" kio said.
"she doesnt even know i exist"
"follow her and see if she follows back, simple"

i shrugged and continued scrolling through tiktok.

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