part7- now that you know

850 10 0

a- i'm guessing you heard us

tb- yeah

a- well ima go to the store real quick i'll be back in a few mintutes and i'll let you know further back than that i say walking to my bedside table grabbing money and my fake id

c- ashlynn

a- huh

c- are you going to get you drinks

a- yeah why

c- cuz that's bad for you

a- so what i'm not perfect okay i have my flaws like everyone else i might have a lot more but still. it helps can you please not give me a hard time about it rn

c- yeah um can you get me some hot fries

a- yeah wanna peach tea too

c- always

a- i'll be back i say walking thru the crowd of boys surrounding my bedroom door keeping my head down.

As i'm walking down the strairs i remember that i don't have a car to take bc of what happened.

jax- need a ride to the store

a- yeah accually

jax- okay lets go

I'm honestly so surprised that he's doing this i hate him well not really but i thought he thought i did. He takes me out to what i think is his car and we get in.

a- do you mind if i play music

jax- course not but it better not be lame

a- sorry if you don't like my music i'm just puttin my playlist on shuffle

jax- okay

swimming pools by kendrick lamar comes on and we start to vibe. The songs relationship, let's link, meandurghost, and mood come on before we make it to the store. (all from my playlists x) )i get out go get my 6 pack and chloes stuff she wanted and got me hot cheetos because i love them i also got jax some skittles and coke because ik he likes that. i over heard them talking about convenient store orders.

i turn my playlist back on and jax turns it down alittle i'm guessing so he can talk.

jax- do you accually hate me

a- ofc not you just really get on my nerves and sometimes it's hard to control my temper

jax- oh okay i was hoping not bc honestly i don't know why i was acting like that i guess i was trying to see what payton said was true

a- oh okay wanna be friends from now on

jax- yeah i'd like that he says as we pull in the drive way.

a- and by the way i got you your gas station order i overheard you talking about it to chloe

jax- oh thank you

i get out and take chloes stuff to her the boys were already playing the game together so i'll just talk to them after.

a- hey chloe here's your stuff

c- ouhhhh thank you again i'm really sorry about earlier ik how you are about that stuff

a- it's fine chloe i promise they needed to know sooner or later. i was accually about to go talk to them wanna come with me

c- yeah just in case


a- hey boys

KIDNAPPED BY PAYTON MOORMEIER🤍⛓Where stories live. Discover now