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Sitting in room 92 of london childrens syc house being told your powers of imortality are nothing but an escape from depression is frustratingly unbarable, and for Tamson Price the prisoner of lost souls it is unthinkable. Restricted from her powers, her mind is burning inside and without the help of her seemingly normal brother Cole, how long will it be before she explodes And causes the earth to burn. ALIVE! Sending it into a continual spiral of pain, suffering and death.

Alone. Tamsons waits for her assesment results. Alone. She refuses to see, talk or hear from her parents since they put her in this nut house. The only person she alows to see is her brother, Cole. But there's only one problem. He doesn't want to see her. Cole was normal, or so he thought. However Tamson knew different and he knew if went and saw her, alone, he would have to face the reality that he was just as mental as his sister. But the truth was, Tamson wasn't "mental" as Cole put it. And neither was he. They were chosen. Special. Made from the very first rock that made this world. made by the creatures that lie buried beneath the soil we walk. Made, Created, Chosen. Protectors of earth.

There Are seven of us in total. Protectors, Or if your going by our real name Prisoners of lost souls. They call us that because we dont have souls so as to make us really and truly human we are given lost souls that have been parted from there origonal keepers. this makes us immortal. if 1 soul dies we are given another one. simple. However the pain in transformation is unbareable and if we are injured during or 3 hours after the transformation we have to render ourselves powerless and become completly human with no memory of our past life. That is what happend to 2 of our team. Amenti and Amun. twins, young and reckless. So now we must recrute 2 new ones. Cole and make seven once again. rain them in and teach them of there powers, before its too late.

The five of us left, scourred the relms of darkness and searched the highest lights for two that would complete the circle. it is important to fill amenti and amuns places with twins as the're the symbol of sun and moon, light and dark, good and evil. therefore they must have a connection, one powerful enough to run a galaxy. Inari's power- flight to watch over the leaders of the world to guide them towards the right path. Kami's power- telepathy to incorage communication in all ways to avoid battle, war and ultimate distrution. Hurakan- strenghth to battle the forces of evil and stop them from entering the human world. Epona- cloning to create an army for anyone defencless. and lastly me, Louhi- my power, telekinesis the ability to control things and people with my mind.

to be continued...

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