Chapter 4: Upgrade! Angelic Adeona!

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*Valt and Athena walk to an old building at the top of a mountain*

Athena: This is where you're taking me?

Valt: Yeah! An old friend of mine has helped Shu with his shoulder injury many years ago so don't worry, you're in good hands.

*a tall muscular man came out and greeted them with a big laugh, Athena recognized him instantly... It was Xander Shakadera!!!* (Admin: Fanboys and fangirls rejoice! Your laughing giant is here!!)

Valt: Xander!! How've you been?!

Xander: Yo Valt!! It's been awhile!!

*the 2 share an e p i c fist bump*

Athena: You 2 know each other?

Xander: Yeah! Me and Valt go way back!! You must be Athena Valhalla, Valt has told me a great deal about you.

Athena: *thinks* he's huge! But yet I feel so calm!!

Xander: C'mon let me fix your shoulder for you.

*they enter the Shakadera Dojo*

~meanwhile in the industrial areas of Japan, Sisco walks into one of the warehouses in the area. He was searching for Lane! He had heard about Ranjiro losing to him so he left to investigate~

Sisco: I finally found you..

Lane: *petting Harry* you shouldn't have come here...

Sisco: Afraid you'll lose?

Lane: Of course not... I assume Athena's battle with Hikaru didn't go well...

Sisco: H-how do you know that?!

Lane: I was the one who generated those visions in her mind! The fact that she couldn't resist them proves that she is weak!!

Sisco: *fear turns to rage, and slams Satan on his launcher* DAMN YOU!!! SHE SUFFERED THROUGH HELL IN THOSE VISIONS!!! YOU PRETTY MUCH TORTURED YOUR OWN SISTER!!!!

Lane: *eyes turn from yellow to purple* you about done? If you plan on being the one who saves the damsel in distress then do your worst!!

~at the Shakadera Dojo~

Xander: Let me know if it hurts ok?

*Athena nods*

*Xander massages her shoulder*

Athena: EEEEEP!!!!

Xander: Ah it looks like we found the problem! You're shoulder seems dislocated..

*Xander pops her shoulder back into place*

Athena: EEEEEEP!!! A warning would've been nice!!

*her bey falls out of her pocket*

Xander: *picks up Adeona* a sparking bey?...

Valt: Speaking of... You participating in the Sparking League?

Xander: *gives a big laugh* of course Valt!! I'll even have my Sparking Bey ready by then!!!

Valt: Great!! I can't wait for our battles!!

*they leave the Dojo and return to the GT Arena*

~Athena walks into the 3D printing room and starts working on a new ring~

Athena: *thinks* with this.... I'll become so much stronger... 

*The 3D Printer hums as it constructs the new ring*


*Athena takes out the new ring replaces the Guide ring with it*

Athena: It's done... Angelic Adeona!!

*she runs to the training room*

Athena: Hikaru! Battle me!!

Hikaru: Yeah!


*Adeona blew right through Helios, purple sparkles emit from it*

Athena: This isn't enough....

~Meanwhile in the warehouse, Lane had burst Sisco 25 times~

Lane: We need more...


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