Alois: The Master's Study

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Absently, you polish the old china.  Sighing, you allow your mind to wonder. Finding yourself thinking of your master, heat rushes to your cheeks. Though he may have moments in which he could be terrifying, you've become completely enamoured with him. You had given up on denying your feelings for him a long time ago; You only wished it were possible for him to return those feelings. Gentle footsteps wake you from your daze.
"The master wishes to see you in his study." Claude adjusts his glasses as he looks down at you. For a moment, you find it hard to make yourself move.
"Now." He commands. Nodding, you force yourself to move. Anxiously, you make your way to your master's study.

Gently knocking on the door, you clear your throat.
"Claude says you wish to see me, my Lord?" Your voice is uneven. There is a shuffling of paper.
"Come in, then!" The voice is muffled  by the thick mahogany door. Taking a deep breath, you enter the room. Your master is sat, smiling brightly, behind his desk. One finger twirls a lock of golden hair as he looks at you.
"Is there something I can do for you, Master?" You ask nervously. Rising from his desk, his grin widens. Swallowing hard, you keep your eyes on the floor.
"I just wanted to see you." He lifts your face so your eyes meet his. You feel your hands becoming clammy as you look into his big blue eyes.

He tilts his head as his eyes move over your body. Heart racing, you watch him admiring you. Moving closer, one hand gently cups your face.
"I've had my eye on you since you got here." He leans in so your lips are almost touching. In awe, your lips part slightly. You have never been so close to him. His beauty astonishes you. A smile touches his lips again.
"I find you quite amazing!" He chimes. As you furrow your brows, he giggles.
"But, Master... I'm just a maid." You watch as the smile disappears from his face.
"Don't be stupid." He speaks in an authoritarian tone.
"You're much more than that, _____." A hand on your back, he roughly pulls your body against his. Lips skimming yours, his hand hides itself in your hair.
"You're everything." He whispers, voice shaky.

His lips find yours as he kisses you hard. Panting as he moves back, he embraces you. Instinctively, you wrap your arms around his waist. He is warm and comforting. Nuzzling his face into your hair, he inhales deeply.
"I love you, _____." He whispers. Tightening your arms around him, you look up. Watery blue eyes meet your gaze. A tear falls down his cheek. With a shaking hand, you wipe it away.
"I love you too." On your toes, you lean up to kiss him tenderly. You feel a tear trickle onto your cheek.

"What's bothering you, Master?" You wipe the tear away. Eyes closed, he frowns.
"I don't want you to call me that!" His eyes shoot open. "I don't want to be your master!" His voice becomes louder. Flinching slightly, you gently caress his face in an attempt to comfort him. He holds your hand to his cheek, leaning to kiss your palm.
"I want to be your lover." Desperately, he pulls you into a closer embrace. Feeling tears fill your eyes, you hold him tight and rest your head against his chest. A long moment passes and you both remain this way. Kissing the top of your head, he loosens his arms.

Looking up again, you smile.
"I want nothing more than that." Biting your lip, you study his face. Smiling, he rests his forehead against yours.
"That's sorted then-" He speaks musically. "You'll be the lady of the house, instead of the maid!" He grins enthusiastically. 
"Really?" You gasp, moving back to see him properly. Head tilting, he looks confused. "You really want me?" Carefully, you watch his face, feeling as if this is all some sort of joke. Eyes narrowing, he pulls you closer again.
"Of course I do, silly!" He kisses you passionately. "I want everyone to know you're mine." A devilish grin spreads across his face.
"Speaking of which, follow me." Taking your hand, he pulls your forward. "Lady Trancy." You both giggle as he leads you from the room.

As he leads you through the corridors, you pass Claude.
"I've fired our maid, Claude." Alois smiles to his butler. "You also have a new mistress." He beams, gesturing towards you.
"Wonderful, your Highness." Claude drones. "Shall I hire a new maid?"
"Don't bother. I only hired the last one because I thought she was cute." Alois winks at you.
"Very well, Master." Claude mumbles as Alois pulls you onward. Reaching the door to his bedroom, you feel a wave of nervousness wash over you. With a mischievous grin, he pushes the door open and pulls you into the room.

Wrapping his arms around you, he pushes you against himself. Your lips meet in a passionate kiss. Leaving a trail of kisses to your neck, his fingers gently work to unbutton your dress. You push the jacket from his shoulders, eagerly unbuttoning his vest and shirt. As your dress falls to the floor, Alois instantly begins to work on unlacing your corset. Heart racing, your hand moves to the buckle of his belt. With clumsy fingers, you quickly remove it. Feeling him hard against his trousers, you free him. He throws your corset aside as a warm hand massages your breast, thumb twirling over the nipple. The other hand moves down your back, slipping below your underwear. As he squeezes your backside, you wrap a hand around his hard member.

Moving your hand quickly up and down, you push a low moan from his lips. As he begins to thrust into your grip, your other hand pushes his shirt and vest to the floor. You leave gentle kisses against his perfect porcelain skin. Gently, you run your hand over his toned upper body. The other continues to move around his length. Leaning his head against your shoulder, he lets out another quiet moan.
"Get on the bed." He whispers as he pulls your underwear down. Moving away from him and towards the bed, you look back to notice him lustfully admiring you.

You lay yourself on the silky sheets, watching as he removes the small amount of clothing left on his body. Biting your lip, you part your legs as he crawls onto the bed. His hand slides between your legs, moving roughly on your soft spot. Moaning loudly, you relax your body against his touch. Running his tongue over a nipple, he inserts one finger into you. Slowly, he moves down, leaving kisses across your stomach until he is between your legs. Inserting another finger, his tongue dances over your soft spot. Making a fist in his hair, you throw you head back and moan as his fingers thrust quickly into you. As your body becomes warm, you feel yourself reaching the edge of a climax. His other hand reaches up, massaging a breast. Arching your back, the fist in his hair tightens as you climax.
"A-Alois." You moan quietly. He gently nibbles the inside of your thigh as his fingers slow in pace. Removing them from you, he moves over you.

You feel him pressing against your entrance. Wrapping your legs around him, you grant him access. Gently, he pushes into you. Leaning his face down, he kisses you tenderly. As you both moan into the kiss, he begins to move his hips quicker. His thrusts become fast and hard. Your body shakes as you feel yourself reaching a second climax. Digging your nails into his back, you push his body closer to yours. Leaning on his elbows, his hands tangle into your hair as he kisses you again. As his lips move to your neck, you find it impossible to hold back. Loudly, you moan as you reach another peak.

His lips meet yours again. As he moves his tongue against your bottom lip, you open your mouth slightly. His tongue dominates yours. Grasping handfuls of your hair, he moans again, louder this time. You tighten yourself around him. Feeling his heartbeat quickening, you embrace him. Pulling away from the kiss, he bites your bottom lip. Lips skimming your ear, he pants heavily.
"I love you." He whispers between laboured breathes.
"I love you." You whisper back, running your fingers through his soft hair. Biting down on your shoulder, he releases into you.

Breathing quickly, he throws himself onto the bed beside you. Pulling at the sheets, he covers your bodies. He scoops you into his arms, curling his body around yours. He nuzzles his face into your hair as you shuffle yourself as close to his body as you can get. Draping an arm over you, he kisses your neck tenderly. Your eyes close. Feeling his warmth behind you, you allow yourself to fall asleep happily.

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