Kathryn's POV

* At Home

I'm at home right now with my cousin/best friend Abby. We are making two posters for the concert today. In less than 4 Hours I will meet my idols! I am excited! We have VIP tickets! I am finally going to meet Julia Montes and Daniel Padilla! Ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to look good!

"Abby! I am so excited to meet Julia and Daniel!" I said as I paint the poster.

"I know! I hope Khalil notice me! If not, I will seriously Kiss him in front of everyone." - Abby

"Let's just hope we don't get kicked out."

"Well I'm just saying. If any girl kiss him right in front of my face I will punch their face. You know me already Kath. I am not afraid of anyone." - Abby

1 Hour later. Time check 4;30

Oh my the concerts starts in 3 hours! I am so exited. I need to go get ready! yay!

"Abby!" I yelled. "I don't know what to wear! Help me! I want to look good!"

"I know what I'm going to wear! I'm going to wear a skirt! You know I need to show my sexy legs." - Abby said as she shows her legs.

"Okay, good luck with that! I'm gonna go take a bath. I wanna smell good just in case I hug any of them."

Before I took a bath I walked in my closet. Look for clothes to wear. I come across this cute but simple dress. It's a cute high low dress and black flats. I don't like wearing heels.

I got out of the shower and I brushed my teeth. After I brushed my teeth I dried my body and put on a robe. Then I blow dried my hair.

Abby Walks in my room all dressed up.

"So, How do I look?" - Abby

"Wow, you look great! Khalil will notice you in that outfit for sure." - I said

Abby is wearing this cute High Low Dress with cheetah prints.

"I thought you wear going to use the skirt?"

"I was going to, but then I realized I have no top to go with it." - Abby

"Ohh.... Okay. I guess."

I put my blow dryer away and put on eyeliner and powder. I don't really use make up. I like to keep everything simple. I am not like those other girls who depend on make up to make themselves beautiful.

"Kath, what are you going to wear?" - Abby

"This?" I showed her the dress I plan on wearing. "Is this too sexy?" I asked

"Nope, that oufit is so cute!" - Abby


I put on my dress and my black flats and look at the miror.

"Okay Kath, this is it! You are going to meet your idols!"

"Kath, who are you taking to?" - Abby

"Myself. Why? Is there a problem?"

"Yes, there's a problem!" - Abby

"What is it?"

"The Concert starts in 1 hour!" - Abby as she takes my car keys


"Hello! Here to the concert takes about . 30 Mins! Hurry up!" - Abby

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