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(Bass isn't from me, the Art is from me)
Nicknames.Bri, Bri Bri(Only by Toph which she hate that nickname since she thinks it's embarrassing), Elle, and Bri Freak(Only by Zuko and Azula)
Sexuality:Mostly Pansexual
Personality:Shy, can be brave, can be tough(but mostly she's weak), smart, kind, sweet, can be serious sometime, can be funny and clumsy, mostly a coward
Friends:Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph(Frenemies), and Ty Lee
Enemies:Zuko, Azula, Long Feng, and Ozai
Family:Young sister of Zuko, older sister of Azula
Pets:She have a cloud dragon name Cloudy
Bender:Fire and Air
Sub Bending:Fire, cloud, sand, lava, flying(one of the air bender's powers), and lightning(which takes a lot of her energy)
Backstory:She was born in the Fire Nation, like her siblings, Zuko and Azula, but she was different, she was born with air powers, so her father teach her of how to fire bend, over time, her siblings pick on her for being weird and different from the fire nation before she had enough and run away. She met the Gaang and help teach Aang about fire bending and he teach her about air bending
Others:She got her scar when her sister hurt her, she wears her necklace all the time cause she have trouble controlling her powers so the necklace is a way to control it
Voice:Charlie(Hazbin Hotel)
Theme song:Addict Reprise(from Hazbin Hotel)
Good or Evil:People said that she's evil, but she is actually good
Where they live:She used to live in the Fire Nation before running off, so now she live with the Gaang

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