Jai Brooks Dirty Imagine.

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School had only started and you were already bored out of your mind. You sink into your seat and flick your pen in and out of your mouth staring blankly at your desk. Minutes go by before you are brought back to reality. Your boyfriend Jai stumbles into class, he is late yet again. The teacher gives him a nod of dissaproval and Jai slowly sits down. You tilt your head and look at him from the corner of your eye. He winks at you and you stick your tongue out at him. The day goes on and you find yourself daydreaming once again. But this time about Jai. Not just about his face, but about his amazing length that is always able to treat you perfectly and leave you wanting more. Thinking about how he takes control of you. You feel yourself getting wetter and it drives you crazy that he cant just fuck you right now. The feeling becomes so unbearable that you get up and ask the teacher to go to the bathroom thinking that it will calm you down. After you use the bathroom you walk over to the mirror and fix yourself up.  You wink at yourself jokingly and make your way out. As you open the door, you hear something that sounds like moaning coming from the boys bathroom. You debate whether to open the door or not but you want to see who it is. You slowly open the door and ask if anyone is in there. You hear silence, then jai comes to the door. 'Where you listening the whole time?' he asks. 'I was just about to go back to class and I heard someone making uhm noises in the bathroom, was it you?' You ask. Jai stares down at the floor with a mear blush on his face.  You place your hand under his chin and lift his head back up. 'You shouldnt have to pleasure yourself babe, thats my job.' you whisper in his ear. You two stare into eachothers eyes, knowing how much you want eachother. He grabs your hand and pulls you into the bathroom. You two go into a stall and he locks the door. He places his hand on your back and pulls you against him so his back is against the wall. You dig your mouth into his neck and kiss it while his hands run up and down your back underneath your shirt. You find his softspot and he throws his head back while a little moan escapes from his mouth. As soon as you pull off from him, you undo his tie and unbutton his shirt. You slide your hands down his amazing body all the way down to his pants where you unbuckle them and slide them off aswell. You try to teasingly take your time but he wants you now. He places his hands on your head and pushes you down on your knees. 'Open wide baby' he commands. He pushes his dick into your mouth and you take it down all the way. You place your hand on his chest while your other hand strokes him. You look up and see him throw his head back and bite his lip. You can tell he is close but you pull off and it drives him crazy. You want to get him mad so he fucks you even harder. 'Fuck you!' he tells you in a cheeky voice. You slide off your shirt and undo your pants. He pulls you off your knees and spreads your legs against the wall of the bathroom stall. He positions himself behind you and teasingly rubs his dick on the outside of your pussy. Without warning he shoves himself into you. You let out a small scream and he puts his hand over your mouth. He then bends you over more and begins to thrust in and out of you. You feel his abs grinding against your back each time he thrusts inside. He reaches his hand down and rubs your clit with friction and bites the back of your neck. You cant even describe the feeling hes giving you right now. He pulls your head onto his mouth and he moans into your ear. 'Fuck!' you moan. He gets faster and faster and you can feel your self tightening around his dick. With one more thrust he sends you into another world. He pulls out of you and you wipe your head. 'Were not done yet baby' he says looking at you with daring eyes. He grabs you by your hips and pushes you against the wall again, but this time you are facing eachother. He holds one of your legs up with his arm and positions himself again. You throw your head back and wait for him to enter you. 'Shit Jai.' you moan. His body is hovered over you and you are staring into eachothers eyes as he pounds in and out of you standing up. You put your hand on the back of his neck and your nails grip and scrape along his back. You feel him getting harder inside you and he pulls out of you. He strokes his dick with friction and throws his head back. 'Holy fucking shit' he moans as he cums all over you. You pull him close to you and say 'I fucking love you.' He kisses you and says 'I love you too baby.' You two clean eachother up and walk back to class together. 

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