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Cole's Point of View
"Hey Lindsey! Um.... would you Maybe want to go out for Pizza on Saturday? With me?" I asked her a blush spreading on my face.

"S-sure! I'd love to!" She answered, excitement in her voice.
I smiled a really toothy grin and nodded my head. I couldn't believe it! I asked out Lindsey, and she said yes!

My celebration was cut short by the one and only bitch herself, Amy. She pushed Lindsey onto the floor and sat next to me. She pushed up her breast and flipped her hair. I rolled my eyes and helped Lindsey up, giving her a concern Look.
'I'm okay.' she signed to me and gave me a smile. I nodded my head and turned around. Amy looked up at me with an incident look, I did the one thing I could think off... I spat on her! She looked in complete shocked and fear. I smiled and turned around to see Lindsey also in shock but she soon recovered and she started laughing. Really Hard!
"That was Fucking awesome I can't believe you did that!!" She almost yelled.
"Guess I got someone to speak louder." I told her putting my hands on my hips a smile on my face.
She looked blank for a second then a glare got on her face. I started backing away, afraid at what she can do. I was soon backed up into a corner, Lindsey now had a crazy look on her face.
I did not expect what was coming next. She started tickling me, in my side, which is the most ticklish...Halp!
I started laughing really hard. Soon in about 5 mins I was in tears.
"Stop stop please stop!!" I begged her tears coming out of my eyes.
She stopped a smile planted on her face.
"You deserved it. Admit it!" She told me Pointing a finger at me.
"Alright alright! I deserved to get tickled from you." I admitted not wanting to get tickled again.
She smiled a satisfying smile and got off of me. I signed and also sat up, Afraid of what else she could do to me. I couldn't help but smile though. I got the most quiet girl in this school to laugh, Talk and be happy.

Hey guys sorry for no update yesterday. My family went to an Ice Hogs game and I hit 1.2K during that time! THANK YOU GUYS FOR THAT!!!!

Byeeeeeeee kittens ^3^

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