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I was adopted by Chuggaaconroy! ~Completed!~ by D3zi26
I was adopted by Chuggaaconroy! Dezi
Hey you guys welcome to my first book! That's right it's a Chuggaaconroy fanfic! Hope you all enjoy! Byeeeeeee kittens ^3^
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Let's play - Medieval (On Hold) by abbeythefangirl
Let's play - Medieval (On Hold)by Weaboo Garbage
A normal day, you sit in a field but are suddenly warped into a world of medieval times. You first meet Chuggaaconroy, a let's player. You meet the rest of his guild mem...
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The Residential 2 by user10090189
The Residential 2by Jake Lindsay
The residential 2 is the story of an Autistic boy called Jake Lindsay who is going to the Warrington campus of the University Of Chester fir the final NCS residential. W...
  • autismawareness
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My NCS Experience by user30543004
My NCS Experienceby Rhyia Clark
This is a blog about my NCS experience, using sarcasm and humour to express how i enjoyed my time.
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My NCS Experience by DxnniFxrrell
My NCS Experienceby
How the last 4 weeks at NCS has truly changed my life and how I will never look back.
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What music do you like? by TheOmegaRealm
What music do you like?by I Am Ømega
Comment what music/songs/artists you listen to.
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Stockholm Lover by Suga_Le_Soumis
Stockholm Loverby Suga_Perrine
Pour échapper à la solitude et ne me pas me séparer de toi, je préfère rester dans l'inconfort. Je ne suporte pas de n'être qu'un corps vide. C'est pour ça que je m'atta...
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In Real Virtual Life by breel75
In Real Virtual Lifeby Smoke Blue
Three YouTubers named Emile (Chuggaaconroy), Tim (nintendocaprisun), and Jon (Protonjon) are taken by surprise when they are pulled into the video games they play on You...
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It was the hardest decision of my life by user10090189
It was the hardest decision of Jake Lindsay
GCSE written style piece
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My NCS Experience by Benallen_23NCS
My NCS Experienceby Benallen_23NCS
NCS through the eyes of some random 16 year old black guy! Read about what happened, who I met and what I did with all the amazing people who were in my team (Team Edwar...
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Last Song Syndrome by HunterZeo
Last Song Syndromeby Jin Yosef
A Dj named Zeo had a crush on the most popular girl in his school named Cyrill.he will find the way to reach her heart for love and inspiration.he will named one of his...
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The Holiday (snk & httyd crossover) by addicted_to_ereri
The Holiday (snk & httyd crossover)by Addicted_to_ereri
What happen's when eren and Levi meet hiccup and astrid? Will they becomes the best of friends? Or ruin NCS for everyone else? (There might be other characters involved...
  • dragons
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  • holiday
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NCS  LIBRARY(MUSIC) by theusernames123s
NCS LIBRARY(MUSIC)by theusernames123s
ncs is life ncd is love
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my crazy kpop life! by ohjoonfanxx
my crazy kpop life!by Jaqueline
Welcome to my life, I'm called Mia Wallace bc my mom is an actual crackhead. I do daily vlogging of my adventures with drugs and alcohol, mixed with LOADS of BTS covers...
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My NCS Story by crazyweirdochild
My NCS Storyby Manchestergirlatheart
This is a true story about my amazing time on NCS. It is only about 3 pages long but please read it because it is an amazing opportunity for those in the UK. Even if you...
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My NCS Experience by Wagbe17
My NCS Experienceby Wagbe17
This is My NCS Experience, a 4 week journey away from my comfort zone, and how I spent it. It wasn't easy, but I'm glad I did it, enjoy the read!
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My NCS Journey by carlajacobs
My NCS Journeyby carlajacobs
In August 2014 I went on a 4 week social action project called NCS (national citizen service) and this is an insight on what things I got upto.
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Life things  by WandererJax
Life things by WandererJax
A kind of diary
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⫷ᴘᴏʟᴀʀᴏɪᴅꜱ ⱼₒₐₕ⫸ by OSOTOP
⫷ᴘᴏʟᴀʀᴏɪᴅꜱ ⱼₒₐₕ⫸by ₒₛₒ ₜₒₚ
"Ele se foi, ele me deixou e a única coisa que sobrou foram os nossos álbuns de fotografias."
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