Chapter 2: How Beys Are Meant To Battle!

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*shortly after the fight with Lane, Athena made a decision to go on a training journey in Japan, her first battle ended with her losing and Lane's flare growing*

~Flashback Begins~

Shu: You're leaving too?

Athena: For now... My experience with Lane last night tells me that im not ready to face off with him again.. At least not any time soon!

Shu: Well i approve of your decision.. I too need to get training in myself...

Athena: You're worried about Lane too?

Shu: Yeah... I trained him the best I could and look how he turned out! 

Athena: Relax! I got this..

~Flashback Ends~

Athena: Ugh Shu didn't tell me Japan was this big! Ill go to the GT Arena and ask around in there...

*she runs to the GT Arena and heads inside*

Athena: Hello? Anyone in here?!

*she hears the sound of beys clashing*

Athena: A bey battle?...

*she walks in on a 4 Way Battle between Legend Bladers Hyuga and Hikaru Asahi, Sisco Karlisle and Rantaro Kiyama*

Hyuga: Zoom Zoom Hyperion!!!

Hikaru: Go get em Helios!!!

Rantaro: Get to the center Ragnaruk!!

Sisco: Sorry but that center is mine!!

*the 4 beys clash and a shockwave rocks the stadium*

*the explosion lifts Athenas skirt up and she frantically tries to push it down while trying to shield her face from the piercing wind*

Athena: I-is this actually how Sparking Beys are supposed to battle?!

*a bey was flying towards her, she couldn't see the bey at first but she felt it slam against her hand, the bey she was holding now was Hyuga's Super Hyperion and she was greeted by a smile from Hyuga Asahi*

Hyuga: Hello! Thats my bey you're holding!

Athena: Oh im sorry.. *she hands the red spiky bey over*

Rantaro: We heard from Shu that you were coming, he said you needed help with training.. But you saw that battle... That was how Sparking Beys are meant to battle!


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