Chapter 5

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It's our four month anniversary. I'm so happy for us. We have made this far. Maybe it's meant to be I don't know yet but we'll find out. 11-17-14. Today is a really good day for me. To be honest he's reason why I'm always happy. Every time we talk I always get this huge smile on my face, because he's mine and he's the one that I need in my life to care about. He's my everything. I couldn't live without him. I'm glad that we met the way that we did. It was kinda awkward but at the same time really cute. He is all I want. I love how we get to talk about our future together. There's so much that we want to do together. He told me that his mom might be coming up here soon and he's gonna see if he can come here to see me. He's literally the only guy that I really love and that loves me back. It would best thing ever if he could come up here to see me. Do you know how much that means to me? More than anything in this entire world. Ever since we met I've had this weird feeling that we would only talk for a little then never talk again. But I thought wrong. I'm happy when talk with, think about, or anything that has to do with with him makes me happy. I hope knows I'm never ever ever in life gonna leave him. He's not like the other guys that have used me or only wants me for sex. He's not like that. He's the type of guy that ever girl would want to be with. He's sweet, caring, kind, and very loving. I love him to death. He's life.

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