Chapter 6

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I'm going to start putting random songs for the chapters. See if u like em.
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°•○°•○°•○Artie POV○•°○•°○•°

Waking up in a strange room is weird, but when there is a guy with you is crazy. Instead I wake up in a forest, still wearing the same clothes thank god. I don't smell like I was raped so that's another hood sign. So where the hell am I? I have no clue, so I get up and walk in a random direction.

I hear small sounds to my left, I crouch walk over. Also making sure my butt isn't showing from underneath my skirt.

Looking through a bush, I see 2 guards who seem to be patrolling a border. I get up and walk towards them, maybe they'll help me. They notice and growl at me, I stop 15 feet away with my hands up.

"Please help me, I woke up in the forest not far from here. I don't know where I am or what pack your patrolling, just help me." I explain.

They looked like they were contacting their Alpha, I'm waiting 'patiently' if you want to call it. And by patient, I mean asking over and over again if they are done talking to the Alpha.

Pacing, I think about what happened. I was kidnapped and put out here. Why? The guy said I was his, the thought made me growl lowly. What about the other guys? Was my pack safe and not in danger?

I groan and walk into a tree without noticing. I receive snickers from the guards who now finally look at me. They look about my age as well.

"I guess we're going."I mutter following them since they walked towards the pack house I'm assuming.

We reach the house in under 15 minutes, yes I was being a nag and groaning. Asking is it near or not yet, and humming loudly.

Walking in, we are greeted by what smelled like the beta and 3rd. The guards leave me to them and walk back to their posts at the border.

"So... what pack is this?" I ask to no one in particular.

"Howling moon Ms...?" The 3rd says.

"Just call me Artie, short for Artemisia." I reply.

"Your Artemisia!?" The beta and 3rd say in shock.

"Yep." I say confused.

"Everyone thought you died! You went MIA for a full month!" The shocked beta said.

"Huh, seemed like yesterday when I was supposedly kidnapped." I say to myself.

"Kidnapped? No one in your pack smelled rouge." The 3rd said rasing an eyebrow.

"Maybe a pack member wanted you gone?" Beta adds on to what the 3rd said.

"I may know a girl, but it was a guy who did 'kidnap' me." I ponder, "Either way, could you help me back to my pack? I'm not sure where mine is from your's."

They nodded, the door behind me opened and I smelled the Alpha. Also a shadow covered the light above me, I know I'm small but seriously? I look up to see a guy looking down.

"I'm guesing your the Alpha?"

"And your the Alpha female of the Wolfgang pack." He replies.

"Yep, just about to back to my pack as well." I say and glance at beta and 3rd.

All 3 nodded, I was accompanied by the 3rd as we walked to the cars. Hopping and turning it on, we drive to my pack.
1 and a half hour later.

"SO HERE'S MY NUMBER, SO CALL ME MAYBE!!!" I ended my screeching song and Braylon holding his one ear.

He can't hold the other since he's driving, ha ha. Sucker. I learned the 3rd's name was Braylon, the Beta was jackson, and the Alpha was Avan. I've been singing my heart out just to annoy him. Enjoying it of course, we both laugh at my silliness.

We just so happen to arrive at my pack when the song ended. We enter and drive to the pack house, the car is surrounded by wolves, we don't stop though.

Finally, at the pack house I jump out along with Braylon. Collective gasps go through the crowd, I just walk over to Braylon.

"Shall we enter?" I say with my British accent.

"Why of course." He replies with equal Britishness.

We hook arms and strut into the pack house, "ARTEMISIA IS BACK!!!!" I yell throughout tell house.

I'm soon disconnected from my hooked arms with Braylon, and into a bear hug. I sense it's my brother, beta, and 3rd. Braylon is just standing awkwardly, I open my arm and he joins the group hug.

"Where's Colton?" I ask with emotionless boredom.

"Right here." A voice said.

I look over my group hug, and I see the blood red eyes. Colton is the one who threw me to the wild?!?

Sorry for not much of a kidnapping thing, but it's meh story. I can do anythang with it. Meheheheheheh
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