Locked Hearts and harsh words

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*Troye POV*
I turned to Tyler watching his jaw lock as he heard someone around us saying "Fuck that Troye kid he shouldn't even be near Tyler, he's just a skinny little rat who's nowhere as near as famous as Ty!" My heart clenched a little but I wasn't letting it bother me too much leaning over and putting a hand on Tyler's cheek.
"Tyler it's fine honestly they are just jealous that I know you and they don't."
He glared at me pushing my hand away and stomping away. I was about to run after him when the stranger turned around and looked me right in the eyes. Ben.
"See now you've done it. Upset him without even trying god Troye I applaud your denseness. You should of realised that comment would of hurt him. That is, my comment would of got to him but what you said ? Pfffttt that probably made him feel overprotective and like he was overreacting or possibly even harsh because you get hate due to him which is literally what you just implied."
He laughed darkly saying one last hing before sweeping away into the crowd.
"You close your heart to him all the time and I barley even hung around yous but I even know that. You've lost him already Troye, so run along and go find Tilly!"
"Oh go fuck yourself Ben."
I glared at nothing in particular, grabbing my phone and texting Tyler.
To Rainbow hair ❤️: Tilly, babe. Please I'm sorry. Where are you ? Please tell me, I never wanted you to run off. I love you ❤️ xx
I sent it without thinking of the consequences.
From Rainbow hair ❤️: I'm home now fuck off Troye.
I blinked looking at the phone again. How the hell have I upset him so much ? How did he get home so quick ? But more importantly was Ben right ?
*Tyler POV*
I stormed into the house not even aware of how I got here so fast. How dare they say that about my Troye ? Who the fuck are they to say that ?
Why did he act like it doesn't bother him ? I saw the look in his eyes. The look saying he doubted he was good enough. Then he goes and says out right that I shouldn't worry about it and basically that he's getting hate just because he knows me. Jeez thanks Troye! I just wanted to protect him.
Thinking back on what I did I feel bad, I overreacted all Troye was really doing was trying to comfort me and he put me before his own hurt. Then I went and told him to fuck off and he hasn't came back. It's been two hours.
To My Aussie Love Affair ❤️: Troye where are you ? Please come back I'm sorry I overreacted xx
I let out a puff of breath when I saw a message come through straight away. Only to breath back in deeply and growl when I saw the message.
From My Aussie Love Affair ❤️: Ah ah ah Tyler. Come get your Troye he wants to go home not sure he loves my house.
- Ben x
How fucking dare he?! Oh he messed with the wrong- couple ? Wait that's not important right now.
I grabbed my keys and got in the car driving straight to Ben's house, not caring if it was a trap he better stay away from Troye.
I walked into the house angrily.
"Upstairs babe."
I growled yet again, he should probably fuck off now. For his own safety. Never mind the fact he would have an angry fandom on his back he has an angry Tyler Oakley. I walked up the stairs gripping the bannister with such force my knuckles where going white and the wood was digging into my palms drawing blood but I barley even noticed it. I walked into the bedroom seeing Troye tied to the bedpost with only boxers on and his hands bound and eyes covered as tears fell down his face.
"Oh Troye baby."
I ran forward but my hand was grabbed by a way too familiar grip and I was spun away from him.
"Get. Off. Of. Me. NOW!"
He chuckled lowly but I could here the terror hiding under it.
"Look Benjamin. I don't like the idea of violence but I swear it's a bad idea to make me be violent."
He stopped laughing his grip loosened and his gaze flittering towards Troye.
"I guess he came after you any ways after what you did."
I looked at him dead in the eyes.
"How the hell do you know what happened ?"
"Don't you realise yet ? I was the one who insulted Troye."
I snapped my head back in his direction moving one hand and punching in him the face.
"Get. Off. Of. Me.
I screamed and he let go of me stumbling back and holding his bleeding noise crying out in pain.
"Next time stay the hell away from me and my boyfriend Ben!"
I looked back to Troye seeing shock on his face and glee written on all of his features as he jumped up and hugged me, free since I had unbound him.
"I love you Tilly."
I smiled at him affectionately.
"I love you too Troye. Hopefully it was okay that I didn't ask you though."
He nodded softly as I helped him up. He hissed in pain when he pulled him pants back on just grabbing his t-shirt and limped. I grabbed his wrist gingerly and he turned to look at me. Guilt showering his whole body.
"Why- why are you walking like that and hissing ? You weren't just crying over being kidnapped or what happened with us were you ?"
(I'm sorry I had him raped twice in this fic by two different people....(well once almost and second happened...))
He everted his gaze not looking at anything in particular. Actually just anything that wasn't me. I let go of him and walked over to Ben. My hands clenched into fists and my jaw locked. I reached forward grabbing his shoulder and kneeing him in the balls. He fell to the floor and I started kicking and screaming at him before I felt Troyes arms around my waist pulling me out of the room. Finally I gave in and shoved my hands in my pockets shrugging Troye off and walking out behind him.
"This isn't the last you are seeing of me Oakley. I have unfinished business to attend to."
With one final tug and glare Troye managed to drag me out of the room. I wrapped my arms around him exiting the house and making our way downtown back to our apartment only to be picking the kids up in another few hours, today has definitely been shitty and eventful.

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