No more (Before)

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She smiles as they text. He always makes her smile. Lately, he's been texting her a lot. Maybe...she thinks. I might have a chance. They banter, as usual. Then he sends another text. She frowns as she reads it. "I love you like a sister :)" she can already feel her heart breaking. She quickly just types "lol" he knows how she feels about him, too. She sighs and heads to the bathroom. She tries to avoid mirrors as much as possible, but sometimes she looks. She stares at her blue eyes, her boring flat blonde hair, her still chubby checks, her too big nose, her big eyebrows, the acne...she's crying on the floor before she even realizes it. Why am I even alive? She whispers to no one. There's no point to me. No point to my life. I'm useless. Untalented. Fat. Ugly. Boring. Nerdy. Stupid. She cries until there's nothing left inside of her. There's no more tears. No more pain. Then everything is black, and there's no more her.

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