Chapter 3

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I woke up in the morning, ahh my head it hurts, where am I, and why is Leon next to me and shirtless? SHIT I have 10 missed text from dad and 30 missed calls, he is gonna kill me

V: Leon

L: 5 more min mom


L: WHAT!.... Oh hey Vilu, had fun last night? Or maybe to much fun?

He look at me with a cheeky smile

V: maybe... But that's not the point right now, what more important is that I get home like NOW!

L: fine.... after a morgen kiss

I give up and gave him a kiss, that ended up with we making out, until my phone started to ring and we got ready and he got me home

V: say you tomorrow?

L: sure

V: bye

L: bye

He kissed me goodbye and drove away on his motorcycle, I got in the house to face a VERY angry dad... shit

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