*sorry if it's short and crappy*

Emile's Point of View

I woke up feeling much better than the day before. I had posted on Facebook and Twitter about my sickness and that Jon and Lindsey will be doing some fun updates here and there. Jon kept me a lot of company and after we were done doing random things around the house we would lay down on the bed (Brain.... THEY HAVE CLOTHES ON!!!!) together. Most of the time I'm up before he is, unless he has to go get more water and food for Lindsey's lunches. I usually wait in Jon's arms for him to get up because he looks to peaceful and cute to wake up.

I heard Lindsey come home around 4:30, I was still snuggled up to Jon at the time. I heard Lindsey open the door an I knew she had a smile on her face. I slowly opened my eyes, acting Like I was asleep the whole time. I waved at her and snuggled into Jon's side.

"Jonroy for the win!" she whispered yelled.

I smiled and waved he off, turning so I was facing Jon. I closed my eyes and started falling back to sleep.

"I love you.. Jon."


I feel like that was a shit chapter. I'm sorry but my friend who's in the hospital means a lot to me and I can't stay focused long enough to make a good chapter. Anyways It's time to party because this book has 1.01K reads!!! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR READING THIS BOOK!!!


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