Chapter 1: Start To Finish!

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*the deity had dozens of wings going down its back and it held a sword in its hand*

Athena: Who are you?

Adeona: My name is Adeona, i am the spirit that lives within your bey.

Athena: You're so cool!! I have always loved Roman Mythology, Lane never cared about it but he pretended to enjoy it sometimes... Those were good days.. But he seems to have changed like as if he's a completely different person!

Adeona: *begins to fade away* Lane's flare has already begun to damage him.. He must be stopped!

Athena: I know!

*she goes looking for Lane*

Athena: Where could he be? Huh?

*She finds a run down industrial warehouse and hears the sound of beys clashing*

Athena: Lane is in here?

*she slides open the door and what she saw a horrific sight: A ton of bladers lied on the floor with their beys completely destroyed, some bladers were in pain*

Athena: What happened here?!

*she sees Lane finish the last blader*

Lane: So weak... I need more!....

*Athena looks at Lane in horror as his Flare rises*

Athena: LANE!!

Lane: Hm... What do you want???

Athena: What are you doing?! You can't just battle just for your own amusement!!

Lane: Then why battle.... You have to find fun in a battle... My way of battle is to destroy and strengthen my Flare!! And besides.. What could you know about blading?...

Athena: I may not know much about blading but i wouldn't play just for my own satisfaction!

*she holds out her new bey, much to Lane's surprise!!*

Athena: this is my new bey: Guide Adeona! It was due to your words that I decided to make this bey... I wonder how its strength compares to that of Variant Lucifer?

Lane: I guess we'll have to find out... Not that it'll matter, you wont even scratch our barrier!!

*The 2 glared at each other as their auras began to flare out*

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Lucifer's barrier extends as it glides to the center*

Lane: Well now... Come at me!!

Athena: Attack Adeona!!

*Adeona hammers at the barrier but all attacks get reflected*

Lane: You can't beat Lucifer like that! You wont even scratch the barrier like that!!

Athena: FULL SPEED!!! 

*Adeona picks up speed from the rim of the stadium*

Lane: Uh what exactly are you doing?

*Adeona speeds toward Lucifer at full speed*

Athena: BLOW IT AWAY!!!


*both beys collide and a huge beam of light erupts from the stadium, shattering the glass window on the ceiling*

*Adeona bursts and it gets blown onto the roof*

Athena: No... Adeona...

Lane: Looks like you're gonna have to get that.

*the beaten bladers behind her start laughing*

*a very embarrassed Athena grabs a ladder and climbs up to the roof to get her bey*

Athena: Thank goodness you're fine...

*she starts to head back down but realizes how high up she was*

Athena: uh Lane.... This may be a lot to ask but can you help me down?

*the bladers below laughed hysterically*

*Lane walks over to the ladder and climbs up to his sis*

Lane: Good grief... Come here..

*Athena gets in his arms and Lane carries her down the ladder*

Athena: Thank you Lane... You really didn't have to do that...

Lane: Well I couldn't just leave you up there... *sigh* now get lost... 

*Athenas cheeks turn red and smiles after Lane as he walks back into the warehouse*

Athena: **thinks as she walks away too** i knew the sweet side of you was still in there... However im still worried about your Flare... But don't worry, ill help you...


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