What Where You Doing?

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At the watchtower the sound of Batman complaining to Clark could be heard. This time he was complaining about his youngest son, Damian.

“It's not my fault. I told him not to engage with civilians.” muttered Bruce to Clark at the watchtower.

“Sure you could have handled it better but your right. Damian should not be using his skills against innocent civilians like that.” agreed Clark.

Before Bruce could continue the watchtower doors slid open and some people entered in.

“... and then I threw him…” came Jason's choice from where he was telling Damian's team a story about when Damian was younger.

“Bwahaha.” Everyone exploded into laughter as Jason continued his story.

“Jason! Be nice!” scolded Dick but there was clear amusement in his voice.

“That's about as nice as someone can get with that brat.” muttered Tim over his cup of coffee.

“True.” said everyone in sync.

“What's up?” came Jon's voice as he walked into the room.

“Jon!” greeted his father. Jon nodded at his father and sent him a small wave before turning his attention to his ex best friend's family.

“Just talking about Damian.” said Emkio, staring appreciatively at Jon.

“Anything interesting?” he asked boredly and everyone exploded into laughter again. Clark twitched slightly but didn't say anything.

“Good one!” said Gar, holding his hand up for a high five and it was later returned by Jon.

“Where is the demon anyway?” asked Wally. Even though Damiam had kicked him off the team the others still hung out with him knowing for a fact it pissed off their oh so great leader.

“I don't even know.” muttered Jason walking over to Bruce with the others waking behind him. “Yo Bruce! Where's the demon.” Jason asked his adoptive father. Bruce spared him a small smile before turning back to his stoic face.

“I don't know. I would have thought he would be with you.” said Bruce, unknowingly raising an eyebrow at his second son.

“Unlikely.” muttered Dick under his breath. He was still upset that Damiam had almost killed his best friend from childhood.

“I'll call him.” muttered Tim. Everyone surrounded the pale man as the phone rang but it went straight to voicemail.

“I thought we talked about having Damian ignoring your calls.” muttered Dick in disappointment.

“I'll have to talk to him about this.” muttered Bruce.

“I'll try.” said Jason. Once again however the phone was sent to voicemail.

“I'll give it a try. More of a chance he'll answer to me.” offered Dick. However that was once again sent to voicemail. Everyone had a small frown on their face.
“Maybe he's out as Robin.” suggested Clark.

“Robin, come in. I said Robin, come in. Robin!” snapped Bruce into his comm but there was no answer.

“Maybe the brat’s pissed that you grounded him after the incident.” muttered Jason, feigning a look of disinterest and boredom, but those closest to him could tell that he was getting worried.

“Clark, pick up his heartbeat.” Bruce practically demanded of Clark but the man wasn't going to say anything, feeling his friend's heartbeat increase. When he strained his ears to listen he got worried. He could barely hear it.

“I… can't hear it. Jon you do it. You two are the closest.” said Clark, shaking his head in confusion. Jon nodded with a slightly guilty look. However his face suddenly paled and he looked ten times more worried.

“Try his tracker.” demanded Jon and everyone could hear the worry in his voice. The others finally looked up from their conversation after hearing the near hysterical tone in Jon's voice.

Bruce quickly did as the second superboy said and quickly looked through for his son's tracker.

“What's he doing in a back alley?” asked Gar.

“Probably beating up some poor kid.” muttered Tim under his breath but everyone still heard him.

“Are there any security cameras?” asked Emiko. When Bruce nodded she continued. “Check the cameras and find out what he's doing.” Bruce quickly did as she said but wished he hadn't.

There they all saw Damian's broken and bleeding form. There they saw his black eye and tears streaking down his one good eye. There they saw Damian with a gash on his forehead, too close to his temple. There they saw Damian's hair full of blood. There they saw Damian holding his side as blood seeped through his shirt.

“What the…”

However before anyone can continue that sentence they all felt a gush of wind and heard footsteps following after.

“Who did this?” hissed Bruce.

For once, the normally loud group were quiet, unable to answer the distressed father.

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