Chapter 1

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"Straightened your knees and point your toes!" Abby yells at the kids as their practicing their group number.
"Straightened your face and shut your mouth" Mackenzie (the smallest in the group) said.
When the dance was over Abby yelled even harder at the kids "Why can't you all be like Maddie!" Maddie looked so pleased of herself because Abby complimented her as always. The other kids feel left out and mad Maddie is always Abby's favorite student.
"How does it feel being the favorite all the time," Chloe ask, (Maddie's best friend.)
"It feels good sometimes, and other times it gets annoying" Maddie said.
"Oh guys don't forget 2 other kids will be auditioning tomorrow. Abby was talking about how she would replace 2 of us and those probably are going to" Mackenzie said (Maddie's little sister)
"She always says she'll replace us, but she never does" Chloe said.
"This time she might you never know" Kendall said.
Kendall is the pretty face in the ALDC because Abby said she was.
"Yeah guys Kendall's right. We should always be prepared incase Abby might really replace 2 of us" Maddie said, trying to prove a point.
"Mackenzie Come Here Now!" a strange voice called.
" Who is that grumpy old voice calling me" Mackenzie ask hopping that was funny but it wasn't
"That grumpy old voice is Abby. Now Go!" Once again Maddie proving she's right.
"She probably found another pimple on her face and asking Mackenzie to pop it for her" Chloe joked.
*the girls did the Anaconda laugh*
Mackenzie walked out nervously because she actually believed what Chloe had said.
"Oh here.... just in case" Nia handed Mackenzie a tooth pick just in case she was really gonna pop a pimple.
" *laugh* Thx" Mackenzie walked in the studio.
Nia is another member of the ALDC (Abby Lee Dance Company)
"Go kill em!" Maddie shouted
When Mackenzie walked in the studio Abby yelled " Mackenzie rub my feet!"
OMG I can't believe it, I came unprepared now I have to run her feet, Mackenzie thought.
"Umm. Why?" Mackenzie said.
" Because I said so now come on!" Abby bursted out.
"Oh my gosh" Mackenzie mumbled.

*Lets skip the feet rubbing part*

Maddie and Mackenzie went to their house after dance. In the car Maddie asked Mackenzie "How was the pimple big or small?"
"Oh please I had much bigger problems. I had to run her stinky feet!" Mackenzie disgustingly shouted.
" Poor thing. Aww. Why does that lady have to do that to you." Melissa said.
Melissa is Maddie and Mackenzie's mom.
" Hahahahahaha. I'm starting to love that teacher" Maddie teased.
"We'll see who's laughing when the 2 new kids come in tomorrow and one of them are better than you" Mackenzie fierce back.
" Oh please Mackenzie, we all know here that nobody is better than me at dance. That's a fact" Maddie said, acting like she's the best.
" You'll just have to prove it tomorrow" Mackenzie said proving that what Maddie said was wrong.
"Ok then. The game is on" Maddie said toughly.
" Ugh your so pompous" Mackenzie mumbled looking out the window.

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