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The moonlight shone down upon Yao's secluded country summer home, illuminating the faces of two men sitting on the porch and admiring the night sky.
"And now," he said, finishing up his story, "The Jade Rabbit pounds medicine for the Moon Lady in hopes that Chang'e may someday return to earth."
Ivan smiled sleepily and rested his head on Yao's shoulder. "Nice story," he mumbled, staring blearily up at the glowing moon.
Yao patted his head lightly and ran a finger through his soft blonde hair. "Do you want to go inside to sleep, aru?" he asked.
Ivan shook his head. "No," he said, "I wanna look at the moon longer."
Yao smiled. "Me too," he said, "I think I should go get some pillows, though, so we can rest our heads, aru."
"M-hm," he said, sitting up straight. Yao stood up and walked inside, then came back with two embroidered cushions. He handed one to Ivan, then lay the other on the wood of the porch and rested his head on it, eyes locked on the moon. Yao saw that Ivan had done the same as he. After a while of listening to the crickets' song, he decided to let his eyelids droop, the world going away to be replaced by a soft, peaceful dark.
Ivan woke up to the glaring sun with his arms wrapped around Yao's shoulders. The dew had settled, and despite the presence of his warm, soft coat, he was shivering a little about the shoulders. Yao was still asleep, cozy and snuggled up against him. Like Ivan, he was still wearing his day clothes, which were damp.
Ivan wanted Yao to stay warm, so he kept his arms around him despite the discomfort of the position. He buried his face in his silky black hair and breathed in his smell, waiting for time to pass.

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