Plum Blossoms

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Yao carefully picked a single plum blossom off the tree. He stood up on his toes and placed it in Ivan's hair.
"Thank you," he said with a smile. He reached up into the tree and collected a few petals, then scattered them over Yao's head. "You're pretty," he said wryly.
Yao blushed the color of the flowers adorning him. "Xie xie, aru," he said, and straightened up to whisper in his ear, "but I think you are prettier."
"Y-you do?" said Ivan, looking confusedly at him.
Yao nodded, a smile spreading across his face as well. "If you do pardon my audacity, aru..." he muttered, then planted a kiss on Ivan's cheek. Ivan turned bright red immediately, and removed a glove to press his bare hand upon the place where Yao's lips had touched.
"Your audacity is very much pardoned," he said quietly, and apprehensively bent down to do the same to Yao.
"Wait a minute," Yao said, looking around tentatively, "I know what would be very, very pretty." The Chinese man reached up to grab one of the branches, but found the tips of his fingers still a few centimeters too low to the ground when he had raised himself to his full height. "Ivan, do you think you could-"
But instead of taking the branch himself, he took Yao by his waist and hoisted him up so he himself could have a firm grasp on it. He laughed as he was lifted into the air and surrounded by pink blossoms. He shook the branch and petals came raining down, catching in their hair and clothes.
Ivan set him down again, his feet landing hard on the ground. Yao grabbed at every patch of pink he could find upon himself and threw them over their heads, letting them flutter down again.

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