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"Hello Internet welcome to Emile's Channel, I'm his adopted daughter Lindsey! I'm making this video for him because he got sick and is now laying in bed sleeping, so Jon will be taking care of me till he gets better! Now i wanna say that yes i'm Emile's daughter, i also don't care for haters because in the Orphanage i was bullied so haters can say all they want it wont bug me! :P i also want to say i will be starting my own channel as soon as Emile gets better. Anyways next time on Emile's Channel Jon and I will play a multi-Player game. See you guys then!" I said facing the camera. I edited it and posted it on YouTube.

'I'll check back in on that video in a bit, for now i'll ask Jon some questions.' i told myself wondering around the house for Jon, i found him in Emile's room sitting on the edge of his bed looking grim.

"Emile this is the 5th time you've gotten sick this month, i think you need to go to the doctor." i heard Jon say softly, looking at dad.

"Jon i'll be fine, its just something going around that's all. I don't need to go to the doctor, trust me!" Dad whispered to Jon, his voice scratchy.

"I do trust you but you keep getting sick. what if you get sick next time and it doesn't go away Emile? What about Lindsey, Tim ,Masea, and I Emile? we all want you to go the the doctor Please!" Jon begged Emile, tears in his eyes. 

I didn't hear dads respond because i went downstairs to get my mind off of things. I looked at the comments on the video. A lot of them were saying 'congrats Chugga' or 'Get well soon!' or 'Heropon will wait for Chug Chug to get better!' which made me smile, But few comment caught my eye. 'She's probably not even daughter! She probably kidnapped Emile and lied about everything!' ' i hope she gets sent back to the orphanage she doesn't deserve to be his 'Daughter' if shes even telling the truth!' i made a comment saying this, 'I'm going to say this again, HATERS DON'T BUG ME!!!! So you can say what every you want it wont hurt me. Two. Dad is actually sick, give it a few hours and he'll Probably post something  on twitter and Facebook, so this has been Lindsey and Peace out haters ^3^' i posted it in the comment section and went back to check on Dad and and Jon.

when i peaked through the door i saw Jon and Dad sleeping together Jons arms wrapped around Dads waist, i smiled and shut the door, heading into my room and laying on my fluffy bed, where i fell asleep dreaming about sweets.


AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW  i'm debating on making Jon and Emile a couple or not. But in the comments if they should or not. Anyways hope you guys had a good 2014 and a good New years and i'll update sometime tomorrow. See you guys then!! Bye Kittens ^3^

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