Prom nights and graduations

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Callum picked up Rayla, bridal style, under a tree. Rain started to pour from the skies.

Callum's cheeks were stained with tears. Rayla had fallen off a cliff, possibly dead. Callum's arms hurt from reaching out to much, even though most of the problem included feathers.

Rayla was still unconscious, or dead, but a Callum stayed with her anyways, not caring about the sun rising. All night, he had cried and screamed...yet in the end, someone had possibly died.

Callum pulled out his big thick sketchbook, Rayla by his side, laying down.

(Sore for my over use of commas)

He flipped through the pages and stopped at a particular page, Rayla's parents. He couldn't believe how much she was like them. How young she would have been when they died. Who took care of her as a child. Callum was lucky at this point, an orphan elf assassin who doesn't fight and kill for the liking of it.

He flipped to the next page and sketched himself and Rayla in it:

He cried imagining that it could've happened if this incident hadn't happened

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He cried imagining that it could've happened if this incident hadn't happened. "I shouldn't have been such a fool" he cried as the rain came drizzling through the tree leaves, making his hair wet.

He brought his knees to his chest and put his forehead on them.
Callum saw the sun was rising and decided to leave Rayla, knowing she liked nature more than the city.

Callum gathered his stuff and took a last glance at Rayla. I love you...


Instead of running back to his home, he ran to his school. He wanted to get there early so he could at least get to the library. Callum enjoyed reading books, specially the old spells book: ancient: ye old times. It had been his favorite series as a kid. Ezran loved looking at the pictures of elves.

He walked through the doors and headed for the library, he was a senior in high school and was allowed to come earlier into the schools for studying purposes. He passed a couple of classrooms and was ready to make a left to the library when something caught his eye.

Notices board...

The notices board was where every high school kid would put up the cast lists, schedules, rehearsal times, all that stuff.

But today, the kids put up a theme poster for prom night: graduation party. Callum walked up to the notices board and pulled off the poster examining the people in it, he read the info and one not allowed thing on it was: elves.

This school was meant to be normal, as in equality normal. They tech you about equality when they're not equal themselves. The poster had the signature of the mayor and principal, including the ministry of education had Signed it.

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