The Interview

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Hello  I'm Emmett I'm  25years old and I will be interviewing you today ,you are?  My name is Eva Sosa, I'm 23 years old. Why'd he mention his age, did I mention he is fine  ..

Tell me something  about yourself that I don't know from going through your resume? He asked. I have a younger sister who needed a lot of extra help with her academics.I spent many hours tutoring her and helping her with homework. I found it rewarding when her marks improved significantly and it taught me about patience and perseverance." I replied smoothly. Why do you want to work here? shit..agh come one eve you got this. "Ma'am?"  Err..yes sorry  ,can you repeat the question? "Why do you want to work here? I swear I saw him roll his eyes.  Your company has the best service record of all its competitors. The reviews I read from customers were outstanding. Your approach to customer management is innovative and the results are excellent. He asked a few more questions .Hah yass man thank god yaz got me this interview. That'll be all for today thank you Ms. Sosa you will be receiving a call to notify if you got the position or not,have a nice day. I smiled at him and swayed my hips as I walked out ,mm I wonder if he was single lord knows I'd-aghh what am I thinking I should be more worried about if I did good, I hope I get the job I really need it. Nelson my bastard landlord is threatening to kick me out if I don't have the money by the end of the month, thats  3weeks away. Yazmin says they pay really well, she offered to loan me the money for my rent but i refused, I don't want anyone's help I've learned my lesson on depending on people look where it got me. My ex was one of the biggest drug dealers around. we had everything good that was up until the feds got him and took everything he owned I was left homeless, I never got a job because I depended on him.  i didnt have any family to go too but yaz.  Now I realize how naive and stupid I was thinking a man would handle me all my life. I started working at a strip club called bettsiess, Yazmin did not agree hell she reacted worst then my mother when she found out. I worked at the club for 2years, hell I was the best duh! I mean dancing is my LIFE ,all them hoess was hating and jealous.One day I woke up thinking ima do better and I started applying for a "real" job as yaz put it cx . Me n Yaz go way back since we was in diapers she my ride o die no doubt about it, she got life good she's a beautiful strong  independant woman and I'm proud of her.I used to wish my life was like hers but then I thought everybody has their own destiny...

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