During Christmas break

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1. Wrap yourself up as a present.
2. Hide others newly opened gifts and hide them, when asked where they are tell them the gifts were taken by elf in a shelf because the owner was being naughty.
3. Run around yelling "hoe hoe hoe slut" because who needs to be nice now that you've got gifts?!
4. See how many cookies you can stuff in your mouth at once!
5. Challenge other people while trying to shove cookies in your mouth.
6. Learn to knit
7. Knit sweaters with the letter "F" on it and cry
8. See if you can climb your Christmas tree
9. Write parodies of famous Christmas songs
10. Snowball fight!
11. Find that good book you've been reading and read
12. Hang out with friends
13. Arrange a gift exchange
14. Bake cookies
15. Throw cookies at random people
16. Watch Christmas movies
17. Go on a date
18. Buy a cat (you know you were going to eventually.)
19. Go ice skating
20. Buy newly discounted Christmas stuff for next year
21. Take a trip
22. Dress up like a Clause and run around the neighbourhood
23. DIY sweaters!
24. Host a DIY ugly sweater contest
25. Read my other books!

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