Chapter 8

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That's the lovers house! (Zayden & Austin's)

Austin's P.O.V

Today Zayden would be meeting my family. I was nervous as hell. You see they knew I was gay but I have never brought a guy home. Not only is he the first one I bring home, but he's my teacher. My brothers aren't the nicest either.

I had just finished getting ready when the doorbell rings. I run down the stairs before anyone can open the door.

"Hey baby" Zayden says as he gives me a quick kiss. I blush a deep red and check him out. He looked sexy.

"Well thank you little one" he says chuckling. I blush a deeper red and pull him in.

"Austin?! Is that him!" My mom yells from the kitchen.

I hear my brothers all run down the stairs to see who it is. They stop at the bottom of the stairs and stair at Zayden.

"Isn't he a little to old?! What the hell are you playing man?!" Shane says angrily. Shane and Josh start walking towards him.

"Shane! Josh! Stop!" I say and get in front of Zayden.

"Baby it's ok. I understand." He says as he wraps his arms around my waist. I relax and look at them.

"Can you guys please at least give him a chance?" I look at them with puppy dog eyes.

"Ok" they say together. Just as they agree, Danny comes downstairs.

"Mr. Mathew?! You're his boyfriend!" Danny yell.

Josh and Shane look at me and then Zayden. "He's your fucking teacher?!" Yells Josh

"Please stop! Please ok yes he's my teacher but please give him a chance!"

"Look all this looks wrong but I can explain everything if you'd just calm down" Zayden says calmly.

They all sigh and walk into the kitchen. I guess they told my parents because all that was heard was my dad cursing and plates falling. I turn in Zayden's arms and look up at him.

"I'm sorry baby. I didn't think they'd react" I say frowning

"Little one, I would be the same. I just have explain this to them now." He says calmly.

The night goes on. He explains everything to them. Of course they didn't believe him so he had to turn. At first they hated him. They thought he was a monster. I got on my knees and nuzzle him. I play with him and show them that he is harmless.

They finally agree and he changes back. I quickly give him a blanket so he cover himself.

"I'll protect him with my life before anything happens to him. Now that you guys know you can't tell anyone or we will all be in danger."

"You hurt my son and I'll personally hunt you down" My dad says

"You won't need to do that sir. I'll be outside your door if I do hurt him."

My brother take him and start talking about spots and stuff. Danny takes me away.

"Why didn't you tell me?! You always tell me everything" Danny says sadly.

"Well it all happened to fast. I didn't have the time. You know I would tell you." I tell him and hug him tightly.

"Um sorry to break up the moment but baby, I'm leaving. It's getting pretty late. Would you like to come with me?" Zayden says and he kisses my head gently.

I nod and ask permission. They say yes. I walk over to Danny again.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I'll tell you everything else though. You know I will" I hug him once more before walking out with Zayden.

We drive to his house and walk in. We walk up the stairs and into the room. He gives me a shirt to change in. I quickly change and turn around to see him in just his boxers. I pulls me to the bed and lays us down. I smile and snuggle into him.

"I'm glad it turned out great babe" I say happily.

"Me too little one. Now go to sleep." He kisses me gently and holds me tightly.

"Goodnight baby" I say back

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