Chapter 2: Crystal

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(The icewing above is Crystal)

From the day Crystal hatched from her egg she was destined to become an heir to the throne. Unlike her other siblings, she did not have an ounce of royal blood in her. She was actually adopted by the current queen and originally was planned to become an assassin but the queen changed her mind once she saw how gifted she was at everything. Her step sisters hated her for this and bullied her a lot when they were younger. But once they found out that she excelled in combat, they backed off. 

The white icewing named Polar looked down in the large thunderdome made of ice to view the two icewings dueling below. Crystal has always been stunted by growth so she looked like a young dragonnet. But don't let that fool you! She takes her size as an advantage and uses it in her combat. She can easily slither through each opening her opponent gave her then struck them from the back. Polar smiled as he watched the small dragon pin down her opponent with a large ice spear. 

"Crystal of the Icewings wins again!" A dark blue icewing named walrus shouted. 

"I see that she's improving." A feminine voice said from behind Polar. 

"Your majesty!" Polar bowed. "Yes, she is improving. If she wasn't the possible heir to the throne I would've put her in the army in a heartbeat!"

"Yes, the icewings need a queen like her. A queen must be strong and rule with an iron claw!" The queen said as she looked into the ice dome at the small dragon. "I have to admit, she'd probably be the smallest queen yet. But also the most dangerous as well."

Crystal, the small ice blue dragon with light blue spikes and matching claws got off of her opponent and walked into the tunnel behind her. This led into a small little room where fighters could rest. She curled up in the highest resting space.

"Well look at her! All high and mighty." Puffin said as she pointed a claw at Crystal. The other dragonnets behind her laughed at her. 

"Oh? Are you talking about me, Puffin?" Crystal snorted. "We both know very well that i can beat you in a claw to claw fight. So I wouldn't talk like that if I were you."

"I'm not scared of you! Even if you're the queen's favorite, I deserve throne more than you! I have royal blood but you don't!" Puffin roared as she charged towards the light blue dragon.

"Bring it on Bird dragon!" Crystal said as she jumped of her resting spot and charged at her. The other two dragons backed up or ran away as the dragons charged towards each other

"ENOUGH!" A voice said. The two dragons looked over to see a white and purple icewing who had an ice crown on her head along with other jewelry. Polar stood next to her and looked down at his students with disappointment written all over his face. "Save your fighting for training or when you want to challenge me for the throne! I am not just your mother, but I am also your queen! Whatever I say goes in this kingdom!" Queen Crescent roared. "Now, meet me in my throne room girls. Tonight we're having a feast to celebrate our alliance with the seawings and rainwings. So behave yourselves for our guests!"

Puffin snorted and left with her mother with her head held high. Her friends followed her out of the room, leaving Polar and Crystal alone in the room. Polar walked over to the entrance and looked around before turning back around to face Crystal.

"You shouldn't let them get to you like that, Crystal. I've done everything I could to make you become worthy of the throne. Queen Crescent finally said yes to my idea of having you as the next queen to inherit the throne. Even though you don't have an ounce of royal blood flowing through you. If we're going to get this thing to work, then you have to do your best and be your best!" Polar lectured.

"Ugh! I know! I remember mother's plans very well! It was the last thing she said to the two of us before she got executed." Crystal said, rolling her blue eyes. Polar snorted in response and shifted his wings. 

"Mother and father should not be forgotten Crystal. We both must make sure that they did not die in vain." Polar said as he watched the little blue icewing leave the resting area. 

Crystal shook her head from wide to side and massaged her temple as a headache started to form. She knew very well that she had to inherit the throne. It was what she was born to do. Her mother obsessed about her becoming queen and pushed her so hard to be perfect. Course, this caused Crystal to develop some problems of her own. Icewings are known to be badass warriors and strong willed. The word depression our sadness as not in their vocabulary. 

Crystal has been sad for years and years. She's even thought of running away from her own tribe. But she couldn't just leave Polar or the rest of her step sisters. She would leave Puffin in a heartbeat but her other sisters were like her real family. Her brothers were as well. But it couldn't stop those thoughts. All Crystal wanted was to be happy. She would do anything to be happy. 

Crystal sighed as she looked out the palace window and down at the icewing village. A small exhale of freezing breath left her as she watched the different circles live out their day to day lives. Being a cousin to the current queen's sons and daughters meant that she couldn't inherit the throne. But with Polar's help, she might be able to. This will be the first time in history that a cousin will become queen. Except nobody knows that she's not of royal blood is Queen Crescent and Polar. 

Crystal remembers her mother yelling at her sister, Crescent, that she would be a better queen. She was only two years old then but remembers it like it was yesterday. After Crescent became queen she executed her parents and adopted her. Polar was already in the queen's inner circle of people she trusted but she would never forget what she promised her mother before she died. That she would become queen 

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