Zayn Imagine...

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Today has probably been the worst day ever. Everyone at work was in the worst mood and not one person has told you happy birthday. Not even Zayn! As you were driving home from work you couldn't wait to just go sit on the couch and read. Zayn wouldn't be home from recording until atleast 10 but you weren't planning on waiting up for him considering he forgot your birthday and all. You go up to the flat you share with Zayn and go in. You gasp. The entire kitchen is lit up with beautiful candles. There's a note on the kitchen table. You drop your purse and take off your shoes and jacket then read the note.

"Follow the candles xx" You do as the note says and follow the light. They lead you first to the living room where there's a beautiful necklace for you to put on. You follow the candles again to the bathroom where there's a beautiful red dress for you to slip on. You reach into the drawer to find makeup but you find another note instead.

"No makeup. You're beautiful. Xx" You smile to yourself and walk out of the bathroom and into the bedroom were you find Zayn waiting in a tux.

"You didn't think I'd forgotten now had you?" Zayn said as he pulled you in close.

"I was getting worried," you ran your hand through his hair.

"Happy birthday babe," he whispered in your ear. He placed his hands on your waist and pulled you in for a passionate kiss. You never wanted it to end so you placed your hands on the back of his head and pulled him in closer and closer. He smiled into the kiss and pulled away.

"I've made dinner reservations," he said quietly.

"They can wait," you whisper seductively as you pull him to the bed.

"I'm not that hungry anyway," Zayn chuckled as you untied his bowtie.

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